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Best Weight Loss Pills

Part 1 on our 2 part series about best diet pills.

Phen-phen, Stacker, Ripped Fuel, Metabolife, Trimspa, Hydroxycut. These are some of the most famous weight loss pills of all time but none of them exist anymore at least with the formulation of their glory days. So what happens when we Google "best weight loss pills" today? What happens is we get a ton of lists that are what we would call slightly biased. And by slightly biased we mean totally biased….

The world of weight loss pills is similar to the wild west. There isn't a ton of regulation and when there is regulation it is of the questionable kind. The FDA bans ephedra alkaloids (to read more about the ban go here) but approves a diet pill like Alli that is more famous for ruining pants and then losing weight.

So how do you find the best weight loss pill in the wild wild west? Normally, we rely on our customers and simply point to the products they like best. But for this part in the series we are picking our favorite products based on 8 years in the industry. Much of our knowledge comes from talking with customers but we have also dealt with many different manufacturers and vendors over the years and have come to understand how judge the best weight loss pills.

  • 1.) Yellow Bullet - Yellow Bullet has been one of our top three products since 2006. That is 8 years of being one of our top reviewed weight loss pills and top selling weight loss pills. 8 years of hearing customers say things like "amazing energy" and "I lost 10 more pounds." Weight loss pills can sometimes to be hard to recommend but we always feel that Yellow Bullet will be a winner.
  • 2.) ECA Elite Stack - The ECA stack goes back decades and was a favorite of the classic bodybuilders of old. They used it when they were cutting weight for shows because it was shown that this ephedra, caffeine, aspirin stack was amazing at boosting metabolism and melting fat off. The ECA stack of today is different than from the old days (i.e. not as powerful) but when combined with healthy eating and exercise it can definitely enhance your weight loss and help you lose and extra pound or so a week.
  • 3.) Metabothin - Another staple of our site since 2006 this product was created with Metabolife in mind. Metabolife was one of the best selling ephedra products of all time and when it was finally banned there were many disappointed people. Metabothin stepped up to take its place and has been enormously popular ever since. While not as strong as the original Metabolife Metabothin has a well deserved spot on every "best weight loss pill" list.
  • 4.) Pure Ma Huang - Famous for being one of our only weight loss pills that contains no side ingredients. Many people don't want the added ingredients in most weight loss pills and Pure Ma Huang fits their need. It contains 10 mg of ephedra extract along with caffeine and that is it. This is a weight loss pill will both give you energy and help you lose weight and you don't have to worry about the secondary ingredients that are in other weight loss pills.
  • 5.) Superdrine - This is another product that was created in the shadow of another famous ephedra weight loss pill, this time Xenadrine. Superdrine is a bit more expensive that many of our other products but from our conversations with customers this is one of the best. Superdrine helps curb your appetite while boosting your metabolism to assist with weight loss. Similar to most weight loss pills these days you will need to eat healthy while taking this pill to see great weight loss results but it will definitely enhance the process.

This our take on the best 5 weight loss pills currently available on! Please feel free to email us or call for personal recommendations on which weight loss pill would be best for you!