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Graminex is the premiere botanical product manufacturer in the world, because Graminex controls every step of the process, from development, to growth, to processing, to storage. The art of flower pollen extract is a delicate one, and Graminex realized that no one was more capable of handling any step of the process than they are.

That's why Flower Pollen Extract and Fabales Red Clover Extract are the dominant products in the growing pollen extract market. Graminex grows and harvests their own crops on their more than 10,000 acres of farmland. They use no pesticides. They then process them and store them in their own facilities. Because Graminex handles every step of the process, they know that their products are being grown in optimal conditions, processed in the most effective way, and stored so that they lose no potency. And because all of their equipment is custom, expect to see more incredible developments. You won't find a company more dedicated to providing a superior product than Graminex