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Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, Inc. started in CEO Jared Wheat's parents house in 1994, and is now one of the largest manufacturers of health supplements in the world. Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is a leader in every aspect of the health supplement industry, from bodybuilding supplements to vitamins, sexual performance enhancers to ephedra diet pills and ephedra free diet pills.

In their massive facilities, they are able to create products not only for their own line of supplements, but for many custom-made lines from other companies. The huge quantities Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals deals in is the reason they are able to offer such powerful products for such great prices. They personally import and purchase all of their raw materials, and order them consistently from the same sources, so that their products are of a consistent high quality. Only a company like Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals could have a product list with so many best sellers: Stimerex, Lipodrene, Lipodrene Ephedra, Fastin, Anavar, Creatine Overload, and Dianabol. And with Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals' dedication to innovation, this is just the beginning.