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NVE Pharmaceuticals

15 years ago, NVE Pharmaceuticals created the revolutionary Stacker 2 non ephedra diet pill. At the time, people were looking for an ephedra free supplement, and it seemed that none could stimulate the same weight loss as ephedra. NVE researched, and discovered an herbal blend that could create similar results to the beloved ECA stack, and Stacker 2 was born. It was an instant best seller. But NVE hasn't rested on its laurels. They've gone on to give people more and better ephedra alternatives, like 7-Phenyl Stack, Stacker 2 XPLC, and Stacker 3. NVE also innovated the energy shot. They realized that people don't want to have to carry entire energy drinks, and why should they have to, when you can fit the same energizing formula in a quick-absorbing shot? That's why the Black Jax Shot and the Yellow Jacket Shot are two of NVE's best selling products. Keep an eye on this company. NVE was first to identify the need for the stack, and they keep providing innovative products every year.