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Schwartz Pharmaceuticals

Schwartz Labs president Jim Riggs knows that in order to get the ultimate body, you need to get leaner and more muscular at the same time. In order to aid in this seemingly impossible task, he and Schwartz Labs have created a line of supplements that do the impossible. Jim has been a gym owner, personal trainer, and competitive bodybuilder, which is why Schwartz Labs products are superior to many other manufacturers: they were made with your needs in mind. Schwartz Labs products go through several quality control processes, but more importantly, they are put through real world tests with bodybuilders, pro athletes, and average people to ensure the best results. So whether you want the multiple benefits of Growth Hormone, the fat burning power of the ephedra diet pill Green Stinger, or added muscle and strength, Schwartz Labs has a product for you.
Green Stinger
120 Caps
Ultimate Burn
90 Caps
Lean & Hot
100 Capsules