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Nutrex Research

The founders of Nutrex Research Inc. have thirty years combined experience in the bodybuilding and supplement industry. That level of experience and involvement is what makes Nutrex Research products so ahead of the curve. Nutrex Research was the first bodybuilding supplement company to use liquid capsules, and the first to use the game-changing multi-phase capsule. Whether you are looking for a product that will help you gain mass or burn fat, Nutrex Research has you covered. In fact, they have every phase of your workout covered, from the popular pre-workout supplement Ignite, to the popular intra-workout supplement Mass XXplosion, and the powerful post-workout Volu-Gro. And if you are at all familiar with Ephedra free diet pills, you'll immediately recognize the name of Lipo 6. Whatever your weight-loss goals, Nutrex Research has a version of Lipo6 for every customer: Lipo 6, Lipo 6 Hers, Lipo 6 Pro-Natural, and Lipo 6x.