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Controlled Labs

Controlled Labs has built a loyal customer base by making the highest quality bodybuilding supplements and making them affordable. When you think of premium supplements, you think White Flood, Green MAGnitude, Blue Up, and Purple Wraath. These are the products that appear in every bodybuilder's supplement regimen, and the ones everyone talks about on the forums.

White Flood is the most popular preworkout supplement in the world, and yet Controlled Labs keeps the prices low, because they want to see passionate people get the supplements they need to meet their goals, even if you haven't gotten product endorsement yet. Whether you are bulking, cutting, or trying to improve your athletic performance, Controlled Labs has a product for you. And with their unique color-coded system, stacking is easy and affordable. Peruse our selection of Controlled Labs products, and compare their price-per-serving to the competition's, and you'll probably be compelled to give White Flood or Purple Wraath a try.
Green Bulge
150 Caps
Glycer Grow
2.2 lbs
Black Hole
90 Caps