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Weight Loss Combos

These product pairings have been created to specifically help you reach your weight loss and fitness goals faster. We have tried to make it easier for you to get fit. We have taken our very best ephedra diet pills and paired them with a complementary product to target specific problem areas, such as appetite, energy or metabolism. You can tackle each of these problems even easier now with our new weight loss combos. Optimize the ephedra product results you trust with Full Bars to ensure appetite suppression, Omega 3 Fish Oil to gain ultimate cardiovascular support, or Super-Green Energy Food to gain a broad range of vitamin, mineral and antioxidant benefits. Weight loss is made easy with these ephedra combos from
Pure Ma Huang + Caffeine
100 Caps + 200 Caps
Yellow Bullets + Omega 3 Fish Oil Caps
100 Caps + 100 Softgels
Pinnacle Total Body System
30 Day Supply
ECA Extreme Stack + Fullbites
Flavor: Savory BBQ
Green Stinger + Full-Bites
Flavor: Savory BBQ
Yellow Bullets + Full-Bites
Flavor: Savory BBQ
Ultimate Burn + Full-Bites
Flavor: Savory BBQ