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Ephedra - Ma Huang 20mg

Ephedra diet pills have come a long way. The key ingredient, Ma Huang derived Ephedra, has been used for over 5000 years, but the Ephedra - Ma Huang 20mg products here at Ephedra Outlet offer you much more. The thermogenic boost of a big, 20mg dose of pure ephedra is only the foundation of these weight loss supplements. Products like Hydroxyslim, Megadrine, Xenadrine, and Zenalean Stack start with ephedra, and then build on it, using thermogenic extenders, metabolism boosters, and thyroid supporters.

These products combine the best time tested, healthy, natural herbal extracts with the most high-tech, cutting edge supplements to attack your body fat from every angle. By treating your body like a total unit, these products boost your metabolism, suppress your appetite, preserve your muscle, and give you the extra energy you need. If you are looking for one ephedra product that can be your total weight loss solution, you've come to the right place.
120 Caps
Superdrine RX-10
120 Caps
Ephedren Diet Pills
180 Caps
Liquid Fire
90 Liquid Capsules
Yellow Burst
60 Caps