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Diet pills for Men

Diet pills for men? Why do men need diet pills? Aren't we supposed to all be big, strong, and lean straight from the womb to our deathbed? If a man takes a diet pill does he have to turn in his "man card?" All fun questions to ponder but the fact is that diet pills can be very effective for men looking to lose some extra pounds.

As we always mention we don't believe anyone HAS to take diet pills to to lose weight and we thoroughly explained that in our truth about diet pills article. But if you have already decided that a diet pills would help you on your journey to a better body we can definitely help you.

One way that diet pills for men can be effective is for those of us that love to lift weights and follow the time honored tradition of bulking and cutting. For those that don't know, bulking involves eating like a mad man for a couple of months while lifting heavy weights and building tons of muscle and unfortunately some fat. The amount of fat you put on during the bulking phase depends on how strict you are with your diet while consuming tons of calories. Clean bulking relies on getting your calories from meat, vegetables, legumes, and other healthy options and simply eating more than normal of those foods. Dirty bulking involves daily trips to Wendy's and Dairy Queen and is also referred to as a dreamer bulk. Dreamer bulkers usually end up with quite a bit of fat and in desperate need of the extra benefit of diet pills for men while losing weight.

Whether you are cutting 15 or 40 pounds as a result of your bulk you still want to do it the same way. The only difference will be the time required. You will need to tighten up your diet, lower the calories, supplement with an awesome diet pill, and keep lifting and running sprints.

So is there a difference between diet pills for men and diet pills for women? Not much of one in our opinion. Most diet pills today feature two main ingredients: Ephedra extract and caffeine along with some secondary ingredients that can curb your appetite or boost energy levels.

So which diet pill would we recommend for men? Let's keep it simple and go with two different options.

  • 1.) Green Stinger - The #1 seller on our site and one of the longest standing ephedra products on the market. Green Stinger features 27mg ephedra extract and is an excellent choice for men looking for a diet pill that will enhance their diet. A recent review from a male user states:
    Product works great, havent changed my workout routine but seeing much better results than other ephedra products
  • 2.) Ripped Power - Right from the start you can tell this product was made for men. Just check out that six pack on the label! In all seriousness though this product is a great diet pill for men. It features 20 mg ephedra extract and chromium which is used to increase your metabolism and burn more calories. Erik R. says:
    I used to take Ripped Fuel which I absolutely loved. I was so mad when due to the stupidity of a few they took it off the market. So when I found Ripped Power I was very happy. I run about 5 miles a day and it gives me the energy and power to run this distance.

Gone are the days when diet pills were just something that were created for women. Now have diet pills specifically marketed for men and we have seen the benefit that a diet pill can have when you are eating healthy and working out. Try a men's diet pill today and start working on uncovering those abs for the first time and the last time!