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Diet Pills for Women

Are diet pills for women a scam or do women actually need specifically formulated women's diet pills? With the amount of misinformation on the internet and TV (right Dr. Oz?) it's almost impossible to get a straight answer to this question.

It seems like everyday there is a new female celebrity pitching a diet pill specifically for women that will work wonders on your body. From Trimspa to whatever miracle pill Kim Kardashian is pushing this week there are enough women's diet pills on the market to build a tower to the moon. But are these formulations actually beneficial and specifically created for women or are they are all marketing?

In our opinion they are all marketing. Almost all diet pills contain the same main ingredients with slightly different quantities and secondary ingredients. The most important way we judge a women's diet pill is what other women are saying about it. We don't make any claims that are sustained by our customers.

We only have one product on our site that is specifically formulated for women and it has NO customer reviews therefore in good faith we can't recommend this diet pill to our female customers. We can however recommend three awesome products that have been wildly popular for years among our female customers.

  • 1.) Green Stinger - This is our #1 diet pill for both women and men. We consider Green Stinger the gold standard of diet pills and because it has tons of great reviews from people just like you! Check out what Elaina G. had to say:
    This product worked a great deal for me. It gives added energy and the extra push you need to get through a vigorous workout. It was worth the money and helped me lose over 60 lbs. I look and feel great thank you.
  • 2.) Metabodrene 356 - Metabodrene was created after Metabolife (a very popular diet pill for women) was taken off the market years ago. Check out this glowing testimonial from one of our male customers (trust me this product is just as good for women):
    Years ago, I took the original Metabolife and was able to lose 65 pounds. When they took it off the market I was devastated, to say the least. I tried some of the so-called "replacement products" with no success. I was elated to find Metabodrene with ephedra. I have been taking it for a little over a month and the results are fantastic! I am no longer a couch potato because of the increased energy. I have lost 15 lbs. in my first month. I eat less, I exercise more and I feel great! I feel very confident that with Metabodrene with ephedra, I will lose another 40 pounds and hit my target weight. I highly recommend Metabodrene with ephedra to anyone who is serious about weight loss.
  • 3.) Ultimate Burn - I love recommending Ultimate Burn as a women's diet pill because it works so well. Unlike most companies in our industry we let customers return opened bottles if they are dissatisfied and Ultimate Burn is rarely returned! Carlene B. says it best:
    I just really love this product. After trying many other products Ultimate Burn delivers. My goal was to lose 15 lbs with adding the Ultimate Burn to my workouts I was able to achieved this is 5 short weeks. Great value and I would recommend Ultimate Burn to anyone.

Finding the right diet pill can be a difficult process. The three diet pills we just recommended above don't work for everyone. This is because every woman has a different body and different experiences with different diet pills. Because of the misinformation out there we are very careful to tell women and men alike that there are no miracle pills. In fact, we don't even believe that you have to take a diet pill to lose weight! That may sound crazy coming from a site that sells diet pills but we believe in the truth. We do think that diet pills can help enhance weight loss, but only if you make a commitment to healthy eating and exercise first.

Instead of spending hours deciding which women's diet pill to purchase try one of the three that we have recommended above. If you don't like it you can send it back and try something else and someone from our amazing staff will help you pick out something new so we can find a diet pill that works for you! There is too much misinformation on the internet to think you find the perfect diet pill for women just by researching. The only way to know is to try!