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Diet Pills That Work

As I watched her eat her sixth slice of pizza while talking about the diet she was starting tomorrow I started to contemplate where I went wrong in life. When she started asking me about actually finding diet pills that work rather than the crap that she has purchased recently I started to feel bad. Too many people have been hoodwinked by the diet pill industry and it's hard to watch.

Prior to 2006 you could actually buy diet pills that did insane things in regards to weight loss. I saw people actually eat six or more slices of pizza in a sitting and still lose weight. The power of the some of the original ephedra diet pills worked in ways that still blow my mind. But rightly or wrongly those diet pills were banned long ago after being deemed unsafe by the FDA. Many felt that this was a questionable move by the FDA and claimed that those who had health issues with ephedra were abusing it and not following recommended dosages. Whether this is true or not I can't say. One of the FDA's jobs is to protect people from ingredients and products that can cause harmful health effects and they claimed ephedra alkaloids was one of those products.

So the one diet pill that did actually work has been banned. Original Metabolife, Ripped Fuel, and Stacker 2 have gone the way of the dinosaur. But there are some remnants of the old pills and we do have diet pills that work, just with a caveat, you have to work too. Today's diet pills are more of weight loss enhancers rather than pure weight loss pills. We actually think it's a good things. Today's diet pills work by increasing your metabolism in small amounts along with assisting in curbing your appetite.

But that's where your work comes in along with the diet pills. You have to eat healthy, you have to exercise, and you have to realize you can't scarf pizza and lose weight at the same time because those diet pills you take aren't magical. They will enhance your hard work and effort! It's actually pretty cool. What if someone said if you put in a good day's work they would give you and extra $100 bucks every day? Just for doing something you are already supposed to do! We all know we are already supposed to eat healthy and exercise and these diet pills will reward you with an extra pound or so of weight loss per week. So if you normally plan to lose 3 lbs a week (which is a safe recommendation) at the end of eight weeks you could potentially lose 32 pounds rather than 24. I think that counts as diet pills that work don't you?

Most of today's diet pills that we recommend as diet pills that work contain ephedra extract. Ephedra Extract is a weaker formulation compared to the original ephedra products that contained the alkaloid portion of the plant but it is still great as a weight loss enhancer. Currently our top three diet pills that work are:

  • 1.) Green Stinger - The green stinger is one of our favorite diet pills of all time and is now our #1 seller. Read the reviews and try a bottle today.
  • 2.) Ultimate Burn - One of the newer products in the diet pill industry it has quickly taken over as one of the best. Our customer think this diet pill works as well or better as some of the original products to help you lose weight. We won't make that claim, but give it a try and maybe you will!
  • 3.) Yellow Bullet - Know more as an energize this is the diet pill that works so you can work. The caffeine provides energy on a dull day and it should definitely assist in lose weight too!

All three of these diet pills work in different ways to enhance your weight loss efforts. We don't think you can go wrong with any of three. Try one today and let one of our diet pills work alongside you in building the body you have always wanted.