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Sweet Sweat Cream by Sweet Sweat (BBF)

Sweet Sweat Cream BBF

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Have you ever noticed that excessive sweating makes you feel like you’ve had a better workout? Well, this isn’t just a feeling – there is evidence to back up its truth – sweating burns more calories! With Sweet Sweat Cream (6.5 oz.) by BBF, you can enhance your workout and your body’s ability to burn calories by accelerating your perspiration. Sweating uses energy, so the more you sweat, the more calories you burn, giving you the best potential benefit from your workout. Sweet Sweat Cream induces your body to burn more calories through perspiration by targeting areas where you tend to carry extra weight, such as your thighs if you are a woman, or your waist if you are a man. By applying Sweet Sweat Cream to these areas before a workout, you will increase the circulation in these problem areas – triggering the muscles in your waist or thighs to loosen up faster and burn more fat. Additionally, the fragrance in Sweet Sweat Cream neutralizes body odor, so you still smell fresh even after excessive sweating.

Benefits of Sweet Sweat Cream:
•    Enhances your workout by accelerating sweating
•    Loosens tight or injured muscles
•    Increases circulation and fat burning in areas of fat accumulation
•    Light, pleasant fragrance

Application: Apply a thin layer of Sweet Sweat to problem areas before a workout; do not rub in.

Sweet Sweat Cream is formulated with white snow petrolatum, Brazilian carnuba wax, Aloe vera extract, Squalane oils and Vitamin E to enhance perspiration in areas where fat is stored. Accelerated sweating during a workout will not only burn more calories, but it will also rid your body of built up toxins. And with Sweet Sweat Cream’s fresh scent, you do not need to worry about body odor after your workout.

Start sweating today and get the most out of your workouts with Sweet Sweat Cream!

Staff Notes: Sweet Sweat Cream by BFF accelerates perspiration and excessive sweating without the effects of body odor. Excessive sweat burns more calories.

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