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Liquid Fire - #1 liquid ephedra formula

Liquid Fire

90 Liquid Capsules · #1000000082 · GE Pharma · 
 · 3 reviews
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90 Liquid Capsules

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The closest you’ll ever get to injecting adrenalin straight into your veins is just one serving of the super-powerful formula of GE Pharma Liquid Fire! Put the competition on meltdown as you bulk up with this advanced formula, featuring a fast absorption complex containing a gigantic 35 mg dose of ephedra in each serving (2 capsules).

Every serving of LiquidFire from GE Pharma:
•  Increases metabolic activity
•  Promotes anabolic muscle gains
•  Suppresses appetite
•  Improves physical performance

It’s time to graduate beyond your old, tired pre-workout supplement. The serious bodybuilder is always looking to achieve the next level of fitness. Superb lifting power and a cut, chiseled body require dedication before, during and after your normal workout. You need to provide yourself the proper nutrition to energize your workout. You have to be dedicated during your workout, never taking shortcuts and never wimping out. Afterwards, you have to protect the work you’ve been putting into your body by controlling your eating habits. You can search all you want, but you won’t find a supplement better suited for this purpose than GE Pharma LiquidFire!

Every energy-packed serving of this strength and fitness supplement from GE Pharma loads you up on the natural herbal sources of energy that your workout craves. It’s not just the whopping 35 mg of ephedra in every serving (2 capsules), fast-tracked to your body through a patented High Octane Rapid Absorption solution. It’s the natural amino acids, like L-taurine ethyl ester, that promote gains in muscle mass. It’s also the natural energy vitamins like gugglesterones and caffeine anhydrous that further boost your power. Along with synephrine, helping to quell your hunger at home, LiquidFire is what pumps you up!

It’s like walking into a knife fight with napalm. Get the unfair advantage of the super-powerful GE Pharma LiquidFire! Buy Liquid Fire today!

Staff Notes: GE Pharma Liquid Fire is a pre-workout supplement containing ephedra, caffeine anhydrous, synephrine, yohimbine, evodiamine, di-caffeine malate, gugglesterones, L-taurine ethyl ester HCL, naringin, bioperine, CLA, sesame oil, gelatin and titanium dioxide. This energy stimulant supplement increases energy rapidly, controls hunger, increases thermogenic metabolism and promotes weight loss through burning excess fat.

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Miami, Florida

This product is not worth the money or time barely works alot better ephedra products out there I regret waisting my money

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Las Palmas

el mejor quemador de grasa del mundo. siento como se derrite la grasa.INCREIBLE.

Southbury, Connecticut

It worked great for me and had lots of energy. My goal was to lose weight and have enough energy to get thru my workouts! I used to buy this from a Supplement place near me but they stopped carrying it. Definitely worth the money and would recommend to anyone looking for that boost of energy!