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Yellow Burst Ephedrine

Yellow Burst

60 Caps · #1000000052 · ASN · 
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60 Caps

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Many people struggle with losing weight and maintaining good cardiovascular health even when eating right and exercising. If you are facing this struggle, you need the extra help only Yellow Burst ephedra from ASN can offer.  Yellow Burst is a:

•    Ephedra fat burner
•    All natural formula
•    Amazing energy booster

Yellow Burst is a powerful weight loss supplement that burns and metabolizes fat through its ephedra based formula. Ephedra is an all natural plant that natural raises the body’s metabolism, causing it to burn fat faster than normal.  Yellow Burst will not only give you the lean body you want, but give you a healthier one as well.

Yellow Burst also contains Hoodia and Green Tea Powder.  Both of these ingredients take Yellow Burst far beyond your normal ephedra diet pill.  Hoodia is one of the best appetite suppressing ingredients known to man.  So while the ephedra and caffeine are doing there jobs burning fat and providing energy, hoodia is working to curb your hunger. 

Add Yellow Burst to your routine today and soon you will see and feel the results you are looking for!

Staff notes: Yellow Burst by ASN is an ephedra weight loss supplement. It dissolves and metabolizes fat, boosts energy, and has an appetite suppression effect.

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