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algos soothing cream ibuprofen cream
algos soothing cream

Algos Soothing Cream

Algos Soothing Cream

4 oz. · #EO36 · Libido Edge Labs · 
 · 4 reviews
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4 oz.

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Algos Soothing Cream is perfectly designed for aches and pains occurring for a variety of reasons. Whether you are nursing an injury from sports, are the victim of an accident, or suffer the occasional headache or back ache.

Algos Soothing Cream is a safe and immediate solution for the instant relief of so many annoying aches and pains.

Algos Cream is a specially formulated cream designed to carry active ingredients directly and deeply to the site of discomfort. The main ingredient is Arnica , an anti-inflammatory herb used to relieve symptoms of minor pain and fever by reducing inflammation.

Because it is a tube of cream, it’s easy to take anywhere! You never know when you might need a quick dab of Algos to head off a looming headache, soothe a child’s banged knee, or quiet nagging joint stiffness from yesterday’s workout.

Find relief from dozens of sources of discomfort, including:
·         Muscle pain
·         Back and neck aches
·         Joint stiffness
·         Sprains and strains
·         Arthritis

Since Algos Soothing Cream is a topical ointment, it is so easy to apply. Gently rub a small amount onto the affected area in a circular motion up to four times daily for immediate relief from minor pain and aches. Because the cream is able to penetrate deeply and directly into the skin, you won’t experience unwanted side effects, like stomach upset as you would from an oral dose of pills or capsules. You’ll be amazed at how effective and easy it is to find dependable relief from common aches and pains, anywhere, anytime!

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Langhorne, Pennsylvania

it is working very good and price is very good.

Richfield, Utah

This is great for minor strains but for my arthritis it just does do. My wife benefits from it and especially likes the lack of a greasy odor.

Langhorne, Pennsylvania

My husband has a lower back problems and has too much pain, so someone recommneded Ibuprofen Pain relief cream to us and I bought this product. The shippment came on a next day and we are using this cream daily. It seems working and my husband has relief. I recommended this product to some of my consumers and co-workers. Thanks.

loyal, Wisconsin

I am an Avid runner and am training for the Chicago Marathon, so keeping my knees healthy is really important. I use ibuprofen cream on my knees after every run and it really reduces the swelling and kills the pain. I recommend it to everyone!