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green stinger
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Green Stinger 3

Green Stinger Diet Pills by Schwartz Pharmaceuticals - Green Stingers Extreme Fat Burners - 120 Caps

Green Stinger

120 Caps · #1000000010 · Schwartz Pharmaceuticals · 
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120 Caps

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Green Stinger with 27mg of Ephedra by Schwartz Labs is probably the most powerful thermogenic supplement on the market. It combines 27 mg of ephedra, the most you'll find in an ephedra diet pill, with 8 other thermogenic compounds and 3 thermogenic extenders, for a formula which will cause you to burn fat as no product ever has. Green Stinger is the ultimate ephedra supplement.

With Green Stinger you'll experience:
* Increased metabolism
* Massive fat loss
* Increased energy
* Improved mood
* Suppressed appetite

Ephedra is the most powerful weight loss supplement we currently have, and Schwartz has been working with it from the beginning. In Green Stinger, they have developed a formula for people who do not want to mess around. Green Stinger is for people who were burned by promises from ephedra-free products during the ephedra ban, people who just want a diet pill that works and works fast. Green Stinger doesn't mess around.

What is thermogenesis? It's when your body temperature is increased by a few degrees, causing the body to passively burn more calories. It is the most effective way of boosting the metabolism. So let's look at the thermogenic ingredients in Green Stinger. First is ephedra. Ephedra has no equal. It's effectiveness as a weight loss supplement is unquestioned. If there were a contender for the thermogenic crown, however, it would be Citrus Aurantium. How can a second metabolic booster be added to ephedra without the effect being to intense? Because Citrus Aurantium boosts metabolism without increasing heart rate or blood pressure. Next is Acacia Rigidula, which supplies norepinephrine, a compound which stimulates the thyroid gland. A well functioning thyroid gland is a necessity for weight loss, but a reduced calorie diet can impair thyroid function. That's why Acacia Rigidula is so important, besides it's thermogenic effect.

But the body is always trying to return to equilibrium. So when you boost your metabolism, your body releases two chemicals which attempt to lower it, one inside and one outside of your cells. That's why every thermogenic worth the asking price contains caffeine and salacin, in this case from White Willow Bark. This is the classic ECA stack. By adding these two ingredients, the thermogenic effect lasts for hours and hours, causing you to burn calories all day long, and Naringen extends the effect even longer.

Many people find the energy boost of ephedra leaves them jittery and anxious. That's why you need to move beyond the traditional ECA stack, and try Green Stinger. Schwartz Labs has been in the game long enough to not just take a bunch of ingredients and throw them together because they're trendy at that moment. They've formulated Green Stinger with consideration for your total experience. That's why Green Stinger contains Phenylethylamine HCL and Theobroma Cocoa. These two compounds counteract some of the mental stimulation of ephedra, creating a more mellow energy that keeps you fueled, but gives you focus. They release neurotransmitters essential to mental health, and are each known as mood optimizers.

Supplement Facts:
Serving size: 2 Caplets
Serving Per Container: 60
Amount per Serving % Daily Value
Ephedra Extract 27 mg *
Citrus Aurantium (bitter orange) 170 mg *
Synephrine Extract 30% ( C9H13NO2 )
Acacia Rigidula (95%) 150 mg *
Phenylethylamine HCL 150 mg *
Thermogenic Intensifier / Neuromodulator and Neurotransmitter
Theobroma CoCoa 100 mg *
Green Tea Extract 120 mg *
45% Epigallocatechin Gallate (ECGC)
Proprietary YohimatrixT 10 mg
Synergistic combination of three dfferent chemical preparations of the energy herb -Yohimbe
Yohimbine HCL *
Alpha-Yohimbine *
11-Hydroxy Yohimbine *
Naringen 30 mg *
Pure White Willow Bark Extract 300 mg *
Salicin / Acetylsalicylic acid
Evodiamine (98%) 10 mg *
Proprietary TriENRG 300mg
Researched blend of pure, natural caffeines yielding 200mg - total caffeine
Kola Nut Extract *
Guarana Extract *
Yerba Mate *
Other Ingredients: Microcrystalline Cellulose, dextrose, sodium starch glucolate, magnesium stearate, stearic acid, silica and FD&C Green #3
* Daily Value not established.
Directions: As a dietary supplement, take (2) caplets 2 times a day.

Don't settle for less when it's your health and weight on the line. Buy the best. Buy Green Stinger.

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Oceanside California

Iím a 30 year old man, in college, and have been using this for 3 days in conjunction with a trace mineral supplement, and have noticed an increase in focus, energy, a decrease in stress, and better ability to handle intense schoolwork and understand what problems Iím solving, and am even reading faster with better attention and coherence. My appetite is most certainly suppressed- I had to force myself to each lunch closer to dinner time since I just wasnít hungry all day today and yesterday. I did feel a little nauseous when I was dehydrated yesterday, but I started drinking more water with it and I feel perfectly fine. While sitting or walking, I donít feel anything bad at all, no jitters or anything, however I almost died after sex- lost my vision for a second, but after breathing a while I felt ok. I havenít tried to do another form of exercise yet while on it, but after the sex knocked me out, my gut says Ďmaybe donít exercise too much while on a high dose of Green Stingerí. The first day I took only one pill cautiously to make sure I didnít have any bad reaction. The next morning I took two pills with breakfast, one in the middle of the day, and one near the end. Today Iíve had 2 pills 3 times, and still donít have any noticeable problems like rapid heartbeat, sweating, jitters, etc. I used to drink 3-4 energy drinks a day, and today only sipped one all day without any loss of energy. I do vape nicotine at 12mg strength practically all day long and this doesnít seem to cause harm with the product. Iím ~210 pounds at this time, letís see how much I lose! All in all the product seems great! Since the statements about non-jitters turned out to be true I look forward to the results Iíve seen in the reviews. Good job.

Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania

I purchased this product for energy, assistance with appetite control and weight loss. I took 2 tabs 3x a day. It gave me a little boost in the morning, but did not curb the afternoon crash especially if I ate. This product did not help with my weight loss goals at all. I would not recommend it to others. I liked lipodrene better.

carson city, Nevada

It gave me a rush, took away some of my pain, and helped me slow my overall eating down. To lose weight. Yes. Yes. I am happy with my 10 lb. weightloss so far.

Merchantville, New Jersey

It really does make me feel I have more energy and seems to provide a decent boost in my workouts.

Phoenix, Arizona

I have tried many many product looking for the right balance in appetite suppressants with energy enhancement and this product is a perfect combination! It is defiantly worth every penny

Gladstone, Oregon

Works great, energy boost with minimal jitters. That.s what I was looking for and this delivers. Worth the money, Highly recommended.


Most definitely the BEST product I have tried in 2 years!!! Energy all day without being irritable AND is curbing my appetite ! Highly recommend it!

Snyder, Texas

Great product! !! Have used it for years, for appetite suppressant and energy. Does NOT make me nervous. Just works very well !! I would absolutely recommend it to others, and have.

Cleveland, Ohio

Ok but I like the lipodrine better No wanted more energy

Kingwood, Texas

I wanted this product to give me extra energy throughout the day. I had no jitters or headaches, and it worked pretty well for a week or so. I did not lose any weight while taking the product. However, by the second week, I found myself having to take more of the product to get the same energy boost as I did during the first week. For these reasons I would say that the product was a little pricey for what it did, and I ran out quicker than expected. This product has been on backorder and so I purchased the Lipodrene and it has worked much much better in every wan I expected. As a side bonus, my belly has flattened out more as well as my hips. I would recommend the Lipodrene over Green Stinger.

Fredericksburg, Virginia

Love this product. No jitters & lots of energy. Helps keep my appetite down without making me feel sick. Will recommend

Orlando, Florida

five stars The energy level is steady through the day. Does not make me jittery at all.I wanted to lose weight but was so hungry all the time. this took the edge off the hunger pangs enabling me to get through and not snack. It was worth every penny.I would recommend this product. I have now lost fifteen pounds thanks to the product. Very Happy

Port Allen, Louisiana

Level energy with no jitters and no noticeable anxiousness. Definitely curbs appetite giving me more control to better food choices.

Port Allen, Louisiana

Level energy with no jitters and no noticeable anxiousness. Definitely curbs appetite giving me more control to better food choices.

Port Allen, Louisiana

Level energy with no jitters and no noticeable anxiousness. Definitely curbs appetite giving me more control to better food choices.

miami, Florida

I think the product works great keeps me very energized had jitters first few days but their gone now. goal is to slim down and it is helping. dont listen to recommended dosage start slow one pill they are very strong

Pequea, Pennsylvania

Did not do a thing for me- I used Ephedra 20 years ago before it was banned and it worked great- this extract only made me jittery and did not help me lose anything. I would not recommend it and will not be reordering.

Glen Burnie, Maryland

This product really delivers what it promises. I have been taken it for about 3 months and I gor the results I wanted. besides helping me to achieve results, I also gives me energy and reduces my appetite. I strongly recomend it.

Montrose, California

Very disappointed. These pills did nothing for me. I was hoping I had found the Xenadrine RF1 replacement. I had no extra energy or dramatic weight loss. :-(


This product is awesome... Just started taking it two days ago. Made me feel just like the xenadrine rfa-1 did, love it.... Yes I would recommend it to others....

Meridian, Idaho

I loved this product! It gave me the energy boost I needed after having a baby and being tired all the time. My main goal was burning fat and having more energy. It is definitely worth the money. And I have and would highly recommend to others.

charlotte, North Carolina

This product is not what I expected however; it might work for others.

Renton, Washington

Green stingers work without the jitters! I noticed the appetite suppressant effects on the first day. Balanced formula that does not make your brain race. I think that is quite remarkable and necessary because you get an energy boost without feeling stressed or rushed!! Worth the money! I recommend the product I am ordering my second bottle and have told friends who have also ordered and been happy with the product!

Renton, Washington

Green stingers work without the jitters! I noticed the appetite suppressant effects on the first day. Balanced formula that does not make your brain race. I think that is quite remarkable and necessary because you get an energy boost without feeling stressed or rushed!! Worth the money! I recommend the product I am ordering my second bottle and have told friends who have also ordered and been happy with the product!

Long Island City, New York

Green Stinger is the best product out there, after taking it you can feel a surge of energy, which gives you that little extra to help you work out.My main goal was to loose weight and help with my workout, it did great with both. The product was a good value and helped me to loose 4 pounds per week. It is a real good product, I think this is a great help with weight loose and is more than worth trying it.

Long Island City, New York

Green Stinger is the best product out there, after taking it you can feel a surge of energy, which gives you that little extra to help you work out.My main goal was to loose weight and help with my workout, it did great with both. The product was a good value and helped me to loose 4 pounds per week. It is a real good product, I think this is a great help with weight loose and is more than worth trying it.

Rio Rancho,

Definitely works if your looking for energy & to curb appetite! Worth the purchase price & highly recommend to others! Great energy booster.


The shipment came in great and the product is awesome! Keep doing what your doing!

Love it!!

Blanchard, Oklahoma

Green Stinger Diet Pills It made my heart pound and I got real jittery. I even cut pills in half, same result. I swear I crashed in an hours time.

I like green stingers. They give me a burst of energy thats long,lasting with a smooth ending. No crash and burn. I think others might find it to be a,little strong but for me they are just rite.

I would like to say the green stinger is a great energy pill. I can say have found a weight loss pill I like. I've tried so many in my life and green stinger is by far the best I've ever taken. I give my wife and my daughter some to try and they like them. We all three take two to four everyday. We all three like the way the pill makes you feel, and the energy you get. It's great. Green stinger also makes it to where you can't eat as much. We have all three cut our portions in half. We tell everyone about this pill. It's the miracle pill. Let me tell you, my wife bought me some pants about two months ago, I couldn't even button the pants, but now I can :] Its great!!!!! It's time to order more we are getting low.

Red bluff, California

I believe I need to continue to be on the product for a longer trial period to see the results. I feel as if I have more energy through the day - but weightloss or size wise I have ye tto see results... it has curbed my appetite tremendously but feel bloated ( maybe I need to drink more water) I would love another trial bottle in order to see the results actuially happening to my body- . yes it seem,s worth the money for the "inside " feeling I have and I would recommend it to others,i know a lot of people I exercise with and would love a product like this- if I can physically show the results.

Hillsborough, North Carolina

Works really well. Still losing weight and have lots of energy.

El Paso, Texas

It just was not what I was looking for, I wanted the energy and appitite control!!! I used a Ma Huang supplement in the pastcontaining 20 mg ephedra alkloids, It also contained some other stuff.

portland, Oregon

Great product. Felt the impact right away, with a good steady increase in energy. I am normally sensitive to caffeine and these did not effect my sleeping pattern at all.

Kiefer, Oklahoma

I would recommend taking 1 tablet 2x a day for a week then 2 tablets a recommended. You will have to cycle them as your body adjust to them. I have found that they give me the jitters a bit more than I am used to.


Had some energy then BOOM..... crashed real hard... Going to try Stimerex after this bottle..... My mom recommended this but she is now on Stimerex and swears by it........... and now recommended Stimerex.... Well see...... I think it just is your body type.... If one type doesnt work, try a new product.

Sacramento, California

Green Stinger works great. It increases my energy and metabolism. My purpose for purchasing it was to assist me with increasing my metabolism and weight loss. It is definitely working...I have lost approximately 10 pounds so far. It is most definitely worth the money, and I have recommended it to my friends.



north hills, California

I am still on my first bottle. I have only been able to take one tablet in the morning. The effects are amazing! I feel energized , happy, and my ability to make better food choices is improved 1,000 % with Green Stinger in my life.

Godley, Texas

Works good for appetite control and added energy, but not as good as products of old like ephedra alkaloids

Homer City, Pennsylvania

This product works extremely well. Makes me sweat excessively while working out. Gives ALL DAY energy and keeps me going all day. I love this product and suggest it to many of my friends. It helped me lose 6lbs and continues to help me keep it off. EXCELLENT product!!!

Snyder, Texas

I love this product !! It gives me energy and suppresses my appetite , without making me jittery. My main goal for purchasing this product was weight loss. I have lost weight , and feel great !! It was absolutely worth the money , and I would definitely recommend it to everyone. I am on the auto delivery.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

My goal is weight loss and I take the product regularly. I think it works alright, but I have had better results with other brands.

Central Point, Oregon

After being spoiled by the old school fat stackers these have come the closest. I started using these not to lose weight(although I have lost about 7 lbs in a week and a half) but to up my workout motivation, and it worked! I like these alot and have recommended them to everyone. They give me the boost in the morning as well as keeping me banging through some of the tough parts of my regiment. I work out 5 days a week with 3 of those days being 3 to 4 hours a night and have improved my endurance through those workouts. Will continue to use them although for anyone starting out i would start with a lower dosage and get a feel for them, the recommended dosage is even high for me and I am 250 lbs. Also with these and working out I am still able to fall asleep without problem, I would like to see the price drop a little but these seem to be the better product out there so its worth it.

Saratoga Springs, Utah

I have been using Green Stinger pills for 4 years. They work great for energy and alertness, with no side effects, when taken as recommended. They are a great value and I have and will continue to recommend the Green Stinger to anyone looking for a little extra pep in their step!

staten island, New York

I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!! I bought this product with high hopes that it would help assist me(along with eating a healthy diet and plenty of cardio)in achieving my fat-loss goals! I am WELL on my way to becoming a BETTER, and LEANER me by losing an ASTONISHING 22.5lbs in the first 4WEEKS!! The fat is simply melting off my body at a rapid pace while I am remaining focused throught the day. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend this product to anyone and certainly believe this product is the BEST product this site has to offer(I have tried the #2 and#3 most popular products here as well and they do not compare)!! Give this product a chance;you will absolutely love the results!!

Las Vegas, Nevada

Taking the dosage (2 pills) makes me super nauseous. I find that I can only take 1 a day or else I feel like crap

Mohegan Lake, New York

Be careful. I started using this product and followed the recommended dosage on bottle. At first I felt great, but after awhile I felt extremely dizzy and almost passed out. I have continued to use the product but cut back on the dosage to 1/2 tablet twice a day.

Franklin, Tennessee

works great, gives me the energy I want for the day i take two each day and cruise thru the day and land sftly about 6pm each night perfect! Yes I would recommend this product however from past experience would advise to limit daily usage to 2 or leass tablets but this is just my metabolism

Marion, Indiana

Elizabeth from Indiana The "Green Stinger" product was ok. I did not feel the warm sensation and added energy that I remembered from previous ephedra products. My goal ws to jump start weightloss by giving myself some extra energy. As of yet I have not reached my goal. As far as being worth the money, I paid around $50. I must admit that I was expecting more. I do plan to purchase another bottle so I can honestly say I have given green stinger a fair chance.


I would recommend this to anyone looking for an extra bit of energy to get you started in your work-out.

somers point,

Definitely worth the money...this is what I have been looking for.

Sanpoint, Idaho

I do like this product. I t did give me energy without the jitters. I would recommend this product to others.

Corvallis, Montana

The product did give me energy and made my appetite decrease. I wanted to have more energy and appetite control. this product did that for me. It was worth the money and I would recommend it to others.

Alvarado, Texas

I bought Green Stinger to help mainly with my energy level & for some appetite suppression. It has definitely lived up to its ratings! Im training for a half-marathon and it has helped tremendously with those "sluggish" days. I did not feel jittery or nauseated as with other products. It is worth the price & definetely recommend to others!


I ordered 2 bottles one for myself and one for my husband who uses MT DEW to wake him up...We LOVE this product I am so happy I bought 2 bottles. I take 3 pills a day and I have so much energy and it as curbed my appetite. I lost 5 pounds already! I definitely recommend it.

Sydney, NSW

Amazing! i love this product, the results were instant, i have a high intensive level of energy and i have only been using this product for less than 2 weeks now and have dropped 1.5kgs. I am more energized and recommend this product to anyone who needs a booster to their fitness routine! My fitness is booming! and i am waking up early and am more motivated to exercise and loving life even more!

Temple, Texas

I also ordered it based on staff pick and comments for weight loss. I agree it did not give me energy or help me in any way.

Athol, Massachusetts

Im always feeling hungry, no energy, not liking this product at all..I feel as if this is doing the exact opposite. I will never purchase or recommend

payson, Arizona

I ordered based on a staff pick and comments. The product did not give me energy and since taking it I have gained weight!

Hermitage, Tennessee

It gave me the runs and no energy.

Big Spring, Texas

I am very pleased with the product. I use it for my morning workout hour and it helps me carry the past the threshhold to achieve the best training. I would reccomend this ephedra product to others looking to realize their workout goals.

Wilton Manors, Florida

the product works great and I felt very energized and felt like my metabolism rose. I need to lose close to 30lbs. Im on my way to achieving my goal. I believe this was worth the money and I have already recommended it to my friends.

Concord, California

I am a veteran of ephedrine use going back to the original Xenadrine and Hydroxycut and the Green Stinger has not disappointed thus far. I feel the same old adrenaline rush from the original products and am absolutely psyched to train. Highly recommended!

Vacaville, California

Terrible! I was looking for energy; nothing happened! Wasted $50!! I picked these based on the user comments; could not be a bigger let down!

Livermore, California

It works GREAT!! gives you energy without jitters. I bought it to help with weight loss, and so far so good, its only been 3 weeks or so. Its worth the price for the amount you get. I would recommend it to others!!!

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

The product works GREAT! It gives you energy without the jitters! I am not a coffee drinker so this definetly gave me that burst of energy that I need in the morning! It was worth the money, and I would, without a doubt, recommend it to others!

LANDRUM, South Carolina

It worked fine for me. I felt energized. I work nights. It helped me to work through the night. It was worth what I paid. I would recommend to others.

Searcy, Arkansas

Was not effective for me - wish I could find a true "works like original Stacker 2"

Manchester, Missouri

This product does not work as quickly because it is a solid tab, it takes two or so hours to feel the effect. Works well as a time release however.

St. Cloud, Minnesota

Serving size is 2 pills, so not worth the money cause you have to take the 2 to feel affects.


Highly reccommend

Argyle, Texas

This is an excellent product.It is well worth the money spent.I would highly recommend it to others.


I really liked these. They gave me a smooth steady release of energy and it lasted for a good while

Fairmont, West Virginia

Great product. Lots of energy with only 2 times a day.


after a couple of weeks of using this product I have lost 7 pounds, mostly water weight I think. Overall I like it and will keep using it. Referred a friend and she has ordered some too.

Fort Campbell, Kentucky

Great product. Gave me more energy and curbed my appetite. Great before exercising.

sheboygan falls, Wisconsin

Excellent product! Give me extra energy, helps curb my appetite, and really helps with my cardio training.

Barstow, California

It worked fine. It made me feel good with increased energy. I got it for energy and to lose weight. The product is worth the money. I recommend it. The Ultimate Burn might be better


I,m throughly satisfied with the instant yet non jittery bolt of energy.Its been three weeks and have n,t weighed myself ,but the very lose fit around my waist with all my formally tight fitting jeans are a positive testamonial to the effectiveness of this product.Worth every penny!

Long Island City, New York

It gives You Energy, helped me lose 12lbs in 2 months, You get a 2 Month supply for $50, I have tried other products, this is by far the best..and people should give this a try, it works

Delhi, New York

I have tried many Ephedra products over the years and this one is by far the best I have found since the original Stackers. It truly gives me the energy I need and helps get the weight off! I recommend giving this one a try if you have tried others and have not had the results you desire.

Long Island City, New York

Worked Well, and was worth the $$, and I would buy it again

Longmont, Colorado

I love this product. It has helped me lose weight like no other product. It provides all the energy I need and then some. I recommend this product to anyone wanting to lose weight quickly and have extra energy.

Saratoga Springs, Utah

Love the energy! Early morning energy. Yes. Definitely worth the money. I would reccommend this product to others. And, the customer service is awesome too!

east boston, Massachusetts

Definetly noticed the energy boost in the beginning. As soon as my body got used to it I needed a higher dosage to achieve same output.

Aberdeen, Maryland

Green Stinger has definitely given me that extra boost of energy everyday to get through my workouts. I definitely sweat more and feel a lot better with Green Stinger than I have in the past with other ephedra products. It is definitely worth the money and I would reocommend at least trying it.

Delhi, Ontario

i purchased this product to lose weight and have more energy and it did just that. I love the product and have recommended it to several friends who also are pleased with it


I bought this at the end of my weight loss goals. I didnt use much of it, but man I could feel the difference! If I could begin my goals again, I would have bought these instead of any other pills.


I bought this at the end of my weight loss goals. I didnt use much of it, but man I could feel the difference! If I could begin my goals again, I would have bought these instead of any other pills.

Columbia, Missouri

I love this product.Out of all the different products that I have tried ,this is the best.It delivers great energy without any jitters or crash.

Remington, Virginia


Cathedral city, California

This product did not really do much for me. I have been taking this for about 3 months and I have not seen any difference in my weight. It does not give off the energy that it says it does and It really doesnt supress my apetite. I would not recomend it to others.

Pila, Wielkopolska

I recommend it to anyone who wants an efficient help in fat burning!

Brentwood, California

Product is very good. Both my wife and I use it. It has enabled my wife to lose stuburn pounds. We have using the product for 6 months. Before use she was stuck at 145pds now she is at 137pds with a goal of 135. She is well on the way with the aid of this product


ok, liked red volt better. twice the ephedra per cap and cheaper

Papillion, Nebraska

It worked well but I can tell I need something a little stronger.

North Las Vegas, Nevada

Is a great product, is no games. I will say half an hour or less you feel the rush...give you energy, you dont feel the need for snacks at all. I really have to say this Green!!

snohomish, Washington

I loss 47 lbs, i feel 15 years old again, GREEN STINGER. work pecfect, control your appetite. thank u.

Springfield, Tennessee

The GREEN STINGERS work great ~ I lost 35 lbs because they give you enery and control your appetite without the sick jittery feeling!

fwb, Florida

Very great product! They give you more enerry without the jittery effects-I would recommend!

Baltimore, Maryland

I would highly recommend this product. Green Stinger and Red Volt have worked great in giving me extra energy w/o jitters and maintaining the "cut" look for which I strive. They really work!

Orem, Utah

This is the only thing I have ever found that works as good as the original Xenedrine...It works EXACTLY the same. Same desire to work out, feel good, energy, motivation, everything. This IS the only ephedra to get!!

Brentwood, California

Product works great. 1 or sometimes two (in the morning) supplements is all I need, twice a day. Product does not make me feel jittery, no crash or side effects. Does help me get through my workouts and/or day with more vigor. My wife incorporates them into her exercise and fitness program and she also loves them. Excellect product as long as you manage your consumption to both no more than recommended guideline and to what works best for you.

Phila, Pennsylvania

I liked it! I would and have recommend it!!!

Plantation, Florida

Product definitely gave me increased energy as well as suppressed my appetite. If taken with a diet and exercise program, works wonderfully!!

jacksonville, Florida

I love this product, it gave me the engery I needed to get through my day. I need to lose some weight and with this product I can see that I will now have the energy to work out. The price wasnt bad, but the shipping was awsome I think I recieved the product within 2 days of ordering, I will be buying from this site again Thank you

Marana, Arizona

Very effective - had to cut pills in half because one was just too much.

Belen, New Mexico

two at a time is a standard and they are good.

Roanoke, Indiana

Increased energy, some shakes. Would like to see weight loss with it!@


Since I have used Green Stinger product as directed on the bottle, I have had wonderful results. I've had more energy, Im more alert, and can run further on my eliptical, I can stay up longer to do my homework (as I am a full time mom with 3 children and a full time college night student). Green Stinger does not have a "crash" effect as some other products over the counter do. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants 100 percent more energy through their day. I also have not had any problems sleeping while taking this product, as others I have tried had a tendancy to keep me up at night. I am happy to have found this product and will continue to shopping at Ephedra Outlet for all my energy needs. Sincerely, DE Florida

fairfield, Ohio

Green Stinger was better than I had expected. I would recommend this product to anyone.

yuba city, California

This is a really great product. It is the best that I have had since I have been able to get Ma huang products again. I tried EphBurn 25 which was good but not near as good as this one. I will get the Green Stinger again

fair lawn,

Ok so I just placed a order for this product - very helpful custumer serive! I am use to the Xenadrine from back in the day so lets see how this product compares. Starting from 190 though for a guy that isnt too aweful for I am evenly portioned with muscle mass. I will keep you guys updated on my review :-)

san jose, California

Awesome....I was clear all day, no mid day drag, no jitters and am loosing weight again!


This is a great weight loss pill. I feel energetic and the fat just fades away :D I lost 2 kg the first week and I didn`t even change my diet

Baltimore, Maryland

A great product- almost as good as before they made ephedra [ephedrine alkaloids] illegal!

Chattanooga, Tennessee

This is an EXCELLENT product! I would suggest only taking 1 pill 3 times a day rather than the 2 pills, three times a day that is recommended on bottle, but overall it is a great product and I did not get any jitters or headaches when taking 1 pill, three times a day.

Eagle Mountain, Utah

This product is amazing. I have been on a prescription weight loss pill with no results so I thought I would give this a try. I lost 5 pounds the first week with out the jittery feelings. I would highly recomend this to anyone.

Houston, Texas

I love Green Stinger product and will keep buying it.

Pembroke Pines, Florida

I will definately use them again,the product was good and the service excellent