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RIPPED FUEL 5X by Twinlabs - Ephedra Free Ripped Fuel - 40 Capsules


40 Caps · #EO61 · Twin Lab · 
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Ripped Fuel 5X:

Body builders everywhere are talking about the amazing results they are getting from Ripped Fuel 5 X by Twinlab!

As the name implies, Ripped Fuel 5X is engineered for those searching to increase their definition and build lean muscle mass. Unlike other supplements that contain Ephedra, Ripped Fuel 5X will not make you nervous and jittery. You simply get the extra edge you need in a natural way to help you maximize your bodies potential. Ripped Fuel contains the most powerful combination of ingredients on the market to help you get those cut abs and muscle definition you work so hard for. Included in this formula are the following proven components.

Key Benefits of Ripped Fuel 5x by Twinlab:

* Long lasting energy with feeling jittery or nervous
* Ephedra free formula
* Provides a quick boost to your metabolism

Chromium is important for the body to metabolize sugar properly. This process has been focused on by many popular diets but chromium is hard for the body to uptake from food. Ripped Fuel 5X provides an easily absorbed natural form of chromium that helps you burn sugar at an ideal rate to shape muscles while dropping the excess weight.

Caffeine is a natural stimulant and is probably one of the oldest medicinal substances used by man. Many diet combinations use caffeine with Ephedra but this combination can be dangerous and leaves many people with nervous and jittery side effects. In Ripped Fuel 5X, caffeine is utilized without Ephedra to take advantage of the increased metabolic rate and energy without the risks of unwanted effects.

Skullcap Root works as an anti-inflammatory and is used to treat skin conditions. This is very useful for the body builder with grueling workouts and will allow you to press on through the painful moments in training. In addition, skullcap root enhances cognitive ability and is believed to be effective in fighting cancer and other cellular diseases. In combination with the other ingredients of Ripped Fuel 5X this will help you increase your immune system and allow your body to take you to a a whole new level of fitness.

Thiamine is vital to the body’s ability to metabolize carbohydrates. Carbohydrates were made a popular common enemy to all dieters with the Atkins Diet but carbohydrates are not bad. In fact if you are trying to build muscle and gain energy they are absolutely essential. However, if your body is not effectively metabolizing the carbohydrates your energy will end up as fat.

Ripped Fuel 5X provides the thiamine to make sure that doesn’t happen. Thiamine will also provide improved cardiovascular performance, greater stamina, and works to regulate your digestive system. Don’t alter your diet…help your body maximize its’ natural ability.

Whether you are a seasoned body builder or just beginning to maximize your body, Ripped Fuel 5X’s formula will assist you in your journey to perfection. It’s a ton of power in one small easy to take pill that will give your body what it needs to exceed.

People have reported quick results especially that bodybuilder in their 30’s and 40’s struggling with a changing metabolism. If you need a little help defining those problem areas and regaining the metabolism and energy of youth, Ripped Fuel 5X is perfect for you.

Tablets per container: 60
Serving size: 1 tablet
Servings per container: 60

Staff Notes: Ripped Fuel 5 X (ephedra free) (aka Riped Fuel 5X) comes from TwinLab, the makers of the Original Ripped Fuel.

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