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Ripped Fuel Ephedra Free - Thermogenic Fat Metabolizer Capsules

Ripped Fuel Ephedra Free

60 Caps · #EO19 · Twin Lab · 
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60 Caps

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With Ripped Fuel Ephedra Free, TwinLab has finally created the long sought-after successor to the ECA stack.  With a powerful combination of thermogenic metabolism boosters and mood enhancers,  Ripped Fuel Ephedra Free will have you looking and feeling great in no time.  Ripped Fuel Ephedra Free will help you achieve your weight loss goals by:

*  Boosting your metabolism
*  Utilizing thermogenics that turn your body into a fat burning furnace
*  Suppressing your appetite
*  Utilizing both natural herbs AND the best scientifically created supplements
*  Increasing your energy
*  Improving your mood

Ephedra is an incredibly effective weight loss product.  In fact, it is so successful at burning fat that people who could not take it for medical reasons, or for fear of side effects, had no substitute, and had to sit by and watch others take advantage of the powers of thermogenics.  TwinLab saw an opportunity, and has created a scientifically proven combination of weight loss and mood-enhancing supplements that matches the power of ephedra with none of the reported side effects.

The power of thermogenics is unmatched in causing serious, permanent weight loss.  You've probably heard the word "thermogenic" thrown around a lot, but wonder what it exactly means, and how it can help you.  The key to understanding thermogenics is to realize that a calorie is a measurement of heat!  So the more heat you produce, the more calories you burn.  By turning up your body temperature slightly, causing a pleasant body warming sensation,  Ripped Fuel Ephedra Free stokes your metabolic furnace.  You'll burn extra calories all day long without changing your routine.  With the thermogenic ingredients Synephrine and Guarana Seed Extract, taking  Ripped Fuel Ephedra Free is like spending hour after hour in the gym.  Finally, a weight loss solution that takes your concerns into account, and works with your schedule!

With Ripped Fuel Ephedra Free, TwinLabs addresses one of the main problems with other weight loss pills: your mood.  Reduced calorie diets reduce dopamine levels and lead to depression and anxiety that can sabotage all your efforts.   Ripped Fuel Ephedra Free contains St. John's Wort extract, which promotes the production of dopamine, and L-Phenylaline, which the body easily converts to dopamine.  So while you lose weight, you'll feel better and sharper than ever.  You'll be more focused, allowing you to pour the extra energy you get from Ripped Fuel Ephedra Free in productive directions, instead of feeling the jitters of other pills.  And instead of disrupting your sleep, Ripped Fuel Ephedra Free will actually help you sleep better!

Container Size: 200
Capsules Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Servings Per Container: 100
Amount Per Serving: Bitter Orange Fruit Extract: 325mg L-Phenylaline: 50mg Guarana seed extract (22% Caffeine): 800mg Metabolic Fat Loss Blend: 310mg (St. john's wort extract(aerial parts)(standardized for 0.9mg hypericin), green tea leaf extract, quercetin, citrus bioflavonoid complex, ginger root, cayenne fruit.)

Other Ingredients: Gelatin, Cellulose, Purified Water, MCT, Magnesium Stearate, Silica.

Directions: Take 2 capsules before each meal. Do not exceed 6 capsules daily. Taking more does not increase results.

You finally have a weight loss solution that matches your lifestyle and addresses your concerns.  Buy  Ripped Fuel Ephedra Free today!

Staff Notes:  Ripped Fuel Ephedra Free (aka Riped Fuel Ephedra Free)  by TwinLab (Twin Lab) is a non-ephedra diet pill, using thermogenic alternatives to pure ephedra.  It is ephedra free.


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south rockwood, Michigan

great product, make me feel great, good price, helped me with energy. worth every penny, I would recommend it to friends