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Lean & Hot

Lean & Hot

100 Capsules · #1000000011 · Schwartz Pharmaceuticals · 
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What’s in a name? Well when that name is Lean & Hot quite a bit actually.

It’s a lofty claim, and when you’re naming your product it takes a certain level of self-assurance to go with “Lean & Hot”

Lean & Hot is the new ephedra supplement on the scene and we didn’t know much about it, except that it was flying off the shelves and getting rave reviews from women trying to get lean…and well…hot.

A lot of times we’ll get a big folder of marketing write ups on a new product trying to convince us to put it on the site. With Lean & Hot we got product samples, and a knowing smile from our vendor.

We are excited to bring you Lean & Hot; this product has Acai berry extract, 27 mg of ephedra, low caffeine, and white willow bark to boost your fat loss efforts. It also comes with a unique clarity blend of compounds proven to boost your brain function and focus, and it has the free radical fighting antioxidant acai berry! Awesome!

Think of it as working in 3 phases; the first phase kick starts your metabolism with ephedra to burn the maximum amount of fat, phase 2 brings new clarity and focus to your day that can get you through the longest work day, and finally phase 3 provides the ultimate free radical shield with the antioxidant acai berry! 100 mg in each serving! Shielding your body from free radicals will prevent many illnesses, and keep you looking younger longer! You're not just losing weight! You are feeling and looking your very best!

This powerful combination will keep you movin’ and focused during your workouts, burning fat all day long, and you have acai berry acting as your own personal fountain of youth! Rock on!

Give Lean & Hot a try today! We’re passing it on with the same knowing smile and confidence that the makers of this awesome fat burning supplement gave us! We know you’re gonna like this one!

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You have to take more than one capsule to add up to the active ingredients listed