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Green Stinger + Full-Bites

Green Stinger + Full-Bites

Flavor: Savory BBQ · #EO244 · Special · 
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Flavor: Savory BBQ

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A diet shouldn’t be about eating less, it should be about eating better. That’s the philosophy that makes the energy enhancing, strength multiplying formula of Green Stinger + Fullbites Epehdra Outlet stack offer so revolutionary.

The Ephedra Outlet combo offer of Green Stinger + Fullbites:
•    Contains 27 mg ephedra per serving
•    Increases thermogenic metabolism
•    Rapidly burns fat
•    Decreases caloric intake
•    Eases the strain of dieting

Nowadays, the mere thought of a diet can be a terrifying one. In our culture of instant gratification, we’re never quite ready to give up eating pizza or sausage or different breads that are outlawed by dieting philosophies. Tell someone that they cannot have something, and it becomes even more attractive than before. But what about if you don’t want to eat in the first place? What if you provided your body the gentle, natural stimulation that was necessary to burn the excess calories that it does bring in? This common sense approach to a healthy lifestyle is what makes Green Stinger + Fullbites the right choice for you!

This Ephedra Outlet stack offer combines the principles of lower calorie intake with extreme energy stimulation to streamline the body’s fat burning process. Fullbites starts the cycle by reducing the amount of food you want to eat naturally. Eaten 30 minutes before your next full meal, Fullbites are a tasty snack that will expand your stomach safely, causing it to send messages to your brain notifying it that you are full. Green Stinger takes the calories you do ingest and burns them up with a powerful blend of ephedra, caffeine and other stimulants. At the gym, this translates into intense energy gains.

You’ll lose weight while feeling like you’re not even trying. Try the powerful combination of Green Stinger + Fullbites! Buy today!

Staff Notes: Green Stinger + Fullbites is an Ephedra Outlet stack formula that decreases the desire to consume food while increasing thermogenic fat burning ability. Green Stinger is an energy enhancing supplement containing ephedra, citrus aurantium extract, acacia rigidula, phenylethylamine HCL, green tea extract, yohimbine and white willow bark extract. Fullbites are a delicious health snack that expands the stomach to reduce appetite.

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