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Cernitin Pollen Aid Capsules by Graminex - Cernitin America PollenAid - Cernitin Flower Pollen Extract

Cernitin Pollen Aid Capsules

90 Caps · #EO13 · Graminex · 
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Pollen Aid by Graminex is the most scientifically advanced pollen supplement available.  Formerly known as Cernilton, but now with a double strength concentrated formula, Pollen Aid flower pollen has been proven to be as effective and health-promoting as bee pollen pills, but with fewer side effects.  Whether for prostate health, general health, or an interest in Paleo diet, if you are looking to harness the incredible benefits of pollen, Pollen Aid by Graminex is the obvious choice.

Pollen Aid supplements:

    * Increases your metabolism
    * Helps suppress your appetite with the natural amino acid phenylalanine
    * Supplies vital vitamins and minerals in high concentrations
    * Improves the absorption of vitamins and minerals
    * Supplies every essential amino acid
    * Relieves stress, both mental and physical
    * Strengthens the immune system
    * Lowers bad cholesterol
    * Helps prevent cancer

And if you've been looking into the many scientific studies that have found the prostate health benefits of pollen, you know that it:

    * Reduces the size and congestion of prostate cells
    * Reduces inflammation of the urethra
    * Reduces excessive night time urination (nocturia)
    * Reduces incomplete emptying of the bladder
    * Improves urinary flow by acting upon the smooth muscle tissue of the urinary system
    * Improves the body's ability to remove dihydrotestosterone (DHT) from the prostate

It has been recently discovered that pollen was an integral part of ancient people's diet.  It is so nutrient rich it was a vital part of our survival.  Flower pollen is the richest source of vitamins, minerals, proteins, amino acids, hormones, and enzymes yet found. You've heard of super foods; Pollen Aid is the ultimate super food.  Many of our ancient eating habits have been lost as we moved on to different societal structures, but interest in the benefits of  a more Paleolithic diet is huge.  We are designed to eat a certain way, and many of today's health problems can be traced back to an unnatural diet.  Pollen Aid by Graminex is one component of a healthy, natural diet.

The recent link between pollen extracts and prostate health is a very exciting one, offering an affordable and healthy treatment to millions of men.  The National Institutes for Health report that more than 50% of men between 40 and 60 years of age suffer from some prostate condition.  Consumption of pollen causes a variety of effects that relieve prostate problems.  It helps relax smooth muscle, making it easier to empty the bladder.  It acts as an anti-inflammatory and decreases the swelling of the prostate, which reduces pinching of the urethra and promotes better urine flow.  It also improves the body's ability to remove dihydrotestosterone (DHT) from the prostate, further reducing swelling.

Clinical research has found that 80% of men who supplemented with pollen extracts found marked relief from their prostate problems!  Considering all the other health benefits, if you are experiencing prostate related discomfort, you need to be taking Pollen Aid.

But why should you choose Pollen Aid over bee pollen?

Bee pollen is flower pollen that has been mixed with secretions from the bees that collected it.  Some people have an allergic reaction to these secretions, and they add no benefit.  In fact, the recently developed methods of harvesting flower pollen are more efficient and create a more effective product.  Pollen Aid simply uses the best technology available to produce the purest, most effective pollen supplement.

Size: 90 Capsules per bottle

Suggested Use: take 3 capsules daily, before meals

Ingredients: 126 mg of 20:1 ratio water-soluble pollen extract concentrate and fat-soluble pollen extract concentrate

Buy Pollen Aid by Graminex today to experience these wonderful health benefits.

Staff Notes: Pollen Aid is also known as Pollenaid and replaces Cernilton.  It is made from harvested flower pollen, and does not contain the bee secretions of bee pollen.  Pollen was an important part of a paleolithic diet, or paleo diet.

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Fall Creek, Wisconsin

This product has done what it was advertised to do. The service was fast and accurate.


I purchased this product for my hay fever since I am allergic to the bee pollen products. I have been taking it for a few months now and this summer I had no allergy problems outdoors or indoors. This is a great product!