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yellow bullet
yellow bullet pills

Yellow Bullet - Yellow Bullets with Ephedra - FKA _ NVE Yellow Swarm and Yellow Jackets Ephedra

Yellow Bullet Pills

100 Caps · #1000000074 · Delta Health · 
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Yellow Bullet Diet Pills: Yellow Bullets with Ephedra by Delta Health Products is one the most intense, and effective, Ephedra Diet Pill supplements on the market today. Created in the same tradition as NVE Pharmaceuticals Yellow Jackets with Ephedra and NVE Yellow Swarm with Ephedra, Yellow Bullet Diet Pills offer a new generation of stimulating weight loss potential.

When using Yellow Bullet Diet Pills prepare to:

* Boost your metabolism
* Suppress your appetite
* Increase your energy
* Turn your body into a Thermogenic fat burning furnace

Why waste your time with non-Ephedra based products? Ephedra is also well known the world over under the name Ma Huang, and has been used for 5000 years in traditional Chinese medicine. Ephedra has been studied more than any other weight loss supplement, and the reason it's so popular because it really works. You don't have the time or money to waste on fad pills taking Yellow Bullets with Ephedra.

Whether you want to melt away the last few pounds that cover your carefully sculpted physique, or you're just sick of the yo-yo diets and unfulfilled promises, Yellow Bullet with Ephedra will help you meet your goals. This is a serious supplement for serious results. The combination of 300mg of caffeine, a full 25mg of Ephedra, and 3mg of Synephrine will turn the heat up, turning your body into a thermogenic furnace that burns calories all day long as if you were working out. From your very first Yellow Bullet, you'll feel the effects and know they're working.

Since Yellow Bullets active ingredients also suppress your appetite, you'll also enjoy the added benefit of having an easier time sticking to your diet plan. You'll burn more calories, eat less and see marked results. Because your Yellow Bullet dose is packed with energizing supplements that includes Ephedra, you'll have the energy and focus to get through the day, and your next workout, like never before. You'll be sharper than ever while meeting your weight loss goals.

Other Ephedra Products require you to take two, four, or six pills a day, maybe even more. Yellow Bullet with Ephedra packs all the weight loss power you need into one pill, so additional dosages are never needed or recommended. Take one Yellow Bullet in the morning and burn calories all day long.

Serving Size: 1 cap
Servings Per Container: 100

Ingredients:  Caffeine  300 mg
Proprietary Blend: 925 mg

Ephedra Extract (25 mg Ephedra Nevadensis), Glucuronolactone, Phenlethylamine HCL, Synephrine Caprylate, Nettle Root Extract, Yohimbine HCL, Xanthinol Niacinate, Picamilion

Don't waste your time and money on inferior ephedra products. Buy Yellow Bullet by Delta Health Products today.

Staff Notes: Yellow Bullet High Velocity Energizer has replaced NVE Yellow Jacket with Ephedra and NVE Yellow Swarm with Ephedra. It is an Ephedra diet pill or Ephedra supplement that is derived from Ma Huang Extracts.

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Yes I took it some time back it works well

Russellville, Arkansas

The yellow bullet works better than green stinger. If you do the 3 week diet using yellow bullet and low carb you will 20 pounds. I would recommend it and it is well worth the money.

San Diego, California

This is better than Green Stinger, IMO, in that it has less jitters and better appetite control. Excellent mental booster, too. But if you are going to push yourself into a "fast" while needing energy to exercise, this is the one. Great stuff.

Midway, Georgia

The Yellow Bullet is like the old Stacker 2, with no jitters or crash. It helps me nail my workout every time. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone, needing an extra push for workouts, without feeling hungry.

Glendora, California

No jitters and lots of energy. Yes it was worth the money and I am slowing achieving my goals.

Durham, North Carolina

This reminded me of the old school Ephedra pre-Ban. Great power and feeling, makes me sweat my buttocks off at the gym!!! Definetly will re uses this prodict again.


good stuff

Rio Rancho,

Definitely would buy this again! Worth the money for 100 pills. I used 1 a day around 1pm when I started feeling tired and it got me thru my workday and evening workout. Curbed appetite. Highly recommended!!

Hobbs, New Mexico

Have been taking for two months, one in the morning and one at lunch. It gives me a lot of energy without feeling crazy. I would recommend to anyone who is not too sensitive to caffeine

This product works exactly as claimed. Being a discerning ephedra user since 1998 I can tell you yellow bullets are the perfect balance between caffeine and proprietary blend. While avoiding the ephedra alkaloids these pills also utilize synephedrine HCL to boost the body's thermogenic response. Whether you need to lose weight for health reasons or shred down those last few pounds before the summer yellow bullets will exceed your expectations. @seanhughesblog on twitter

Energy in the morning Not a morning person Energy at work Not a fan of working Energy at night Alright!

Sanpoint, Idaho

Hi - I love this product - It gives me lots of energy and my job requires a lot of physcial activity. Also supresses the appetite and heck we all can lose a few pounds. I would highly recommend this to friends and family. thank you Ranae

Nampa, Idaho

Product is ok. No jitters. First few days it curbed my appetite, after that not so much. Disappointed in this product and should have stuck with my regular purchase of "Ripped Power".

More energy than a speeding bullet: I can leap over tall buildings in a single bound....I am ready to go...Great stuff!!

Kalamazoo, Michigan

This product did not work for me. I was expecting more energy since it had more caffeine than the previous pills that I purchased. It also seems that since I started taking these pills, my weightloss has come to a halt.

Hackleburg, Alabama

One of my top 5, but I selected a different one this time.

runnemede, New Jersey

this is one of the best products that i have purchased.i have tried others and they do not have the results that i get with the Yellow Bullets.My workouts are much more powerful .My energy level is great and there is no crash.i will continue to purchase from your site as the service is great and fast too.i have provided my friends at the gym the website as they want to purchase as well as check out what other products are offered.keep offering the great service and products,you have a client forever.

Hewitt, Texas

It works excellent for the intended output. It has the energy boost needed for the weight loss I was looking for. I highly recommend it for any diet and exercise program.

coldwater, Ohio

I would recommend this product ! Been using this for yrs. Im a third shifter and this gets me through the night.


Loved it. Works great.


this product really gives an energy boost when you most need one definitely woth the money and recommended

roslindale, Massachusetts

The product was good

Fort Davis, Texas

Disappointed! I use to workout with the original hydroxycut w/ephedra and these were nothing like it. also made my stomach upset.

Pato Branco, Paraná

the product give me some boost, and make my heart beat faster. also suppresses my appetite but not to much. good value for the money.

Coconut Grove, Florida

Love it. Gives me an energy boost w/ no crash & suppresses my appetite but not drastically. Great value for the money. I would recommend it. Drink water & do not exceed recommended dosage or you will get jittery. :-)


Did nothing for me...

Port Angeles, Washington

Yellow Bullet works well for me and my husband. We bought this to help our diet and exercise. Our energy levels are better, and it does work wonderfully well to suppress appetite but not too drastically. It has helped my workout and we have noticed that we are slimming down. This is definitely the best value for the money. I would recommend it to people who are serious enough to change eating habits. It works well if you watch your eating and workout. Drink water with this or you will get jittery.


It worked well but I did get a little jittery

Victorville, California

I have been using this product for about a week and a half, and I have already noticed weight loss in my stomach area (which was my goal). It gives me a boost of energy throughout my day.

Santa Barbara, California

I work 100 miles from home and get up at 3 AM. This stuff keeps me alert for the drive and works thru my shift. It even gets me home. I would recommend it to anyone who needs to stay alert thru the day.


The product gave me good energy throughout the day and kept me on an even keel. I work 10-12 hour shifts and need energy throughout the entire time. . I never felt a sharp drop in energy


lowers my appetite and gives me lots of engery through out the day.

Big Rock, Illinois

This product worked excellent for me. It helped me get that little extra when i went to the gym and curbed my appetite to where i was not famished when i got home. Helped me achieve my goal of losing weight and trimming down. This is not the first time I bought this product and its worth every penny. Highly recommend this product and the ephedra outlet with their quick shipping and excellent customer service to anyone. Word of caution tho please follow the bottle directions and do not exceed the daily allowance.

Beaufort, South Carolina

This product worked great for me, ive had the energy to keep up with my triplets! I got these to lose the baby weight after my 4th child and I ended up losing more than my original goal! Im smaller now than i was in highschool and yet im still within a healthy bmi average! Definitely worth the money and im always telling someone about it.


This product is AWESOME!! Gave me the energy i need to get my butt in gear.. Helped me lose weight and curbed my appetite. Yellow bullet is worth the money and i have highly recommended it to my friends and my family!!! THANKS EPHEDRA OUTLET!!!!!!

Gilmer, Texas

This product has helped my husband, a truck driver, keep his weight off and keep him alert while driving. It is well worth the money. I do recommend it to others and also share it with family members. Thank you


Good energy at a comfortable level, no jitters

Tucson, Arizona

I have been using this product for a year or so to fight my chronic tiredness and lack of energy. It works great, without giving me the jitters. It is worth every penny, and I have got my wife and best friend taking it too.


high boost of energy probably due to caffine, did not sustain hunger craving,.

phoenix, Arizona

The shipping was really fast. I wanted to lose weight and this helps a great deal in not feeling hungry. Makes me have energy. I would recommend to any healthy person.

maple glen, Pennsylvania

started getting real bad migraine headaches everytime i took one. within minutes of taking it. ended up tossing rest of bottle- not for me


It curbed my appetite , no jitters and I had just the right amount of energy

TORONTO, Ontario

very good product, I found it very similar to the yellow devils, so no need in spending more for them.

southampton, Massachusetts

a little rough on the stomach and g.i. if you have a sensitive stomach dont it is not for you

Sherwood, Arkansas

Did not work for me. They were a good caffien supplement. 2 pills would make me ill. I wanted this to lose some weight, gain some energy and curb my appetite. None of the above happened maybe gained a little surge of energy... Not worth the money... I would NOT recommend. Dissapointment overall.

Schaumburg, Illinois

The pill was OK, made me kind of jittery the first couple of days, but no better/no worse than other supplements. Not as effective as I had hoped!

Somerville, New Jersey

Keeps me awake without making me jittery. Good for someone looking for an energy boost but probably a little weak for weightloss.

charleston, South Carolina

Like Ken G from California said not as strong as I thought not lasting all day with one, couple hours later very hungry.

Santa Fe Springs, California

Not as strong as I thought they would be. Only notice it suppressing my appettite when I take one in the morning on an empty stomach.

Bloomington, Minnesota

Worked well. Been taking one at lunch to help get past the after lunch tired feeling. Has really kept me awake and energized for my work outs at 4pm. Have noticed a increase in energy during my lifting. Service was quik and correct as well.

Sioux City, Iowa

this worked great with my 1st bottle I lost 11 lbs. I used metabolife 356 years ago and lost over 60lbs. this works great and I would and will purchase again. Thank You for bringing what works back !


super ça marche presque aussi bien que yellow subs

pittsburgh, Palau

I lost 20lbs the first month, its great I would recomend it.

Liverpool, New York

Product is effective, you can feel it when you work out not to mention the before and after in just 2 weeks.

Rockford, Illinois

This stuff is great!!! Just like th formulas befpre the ban. Definitely will re-order and recommend this and your site to friends.

Carlsbad, California

I have purchaes the yellow bullet pils 3 times now and I am pleased with them. They give me the energy I need ot get through my workouts without a jittery side effect. I only take half a pill at a time though. I have not lost any weight as a direct result of the pills, but I do have more energy. It is worth the money- best deal on ephedra! I would recommend this product.

Watsonville, California

I wish I could say that this product performed as I expected, but unfortunately it did not. As a long time Ephedra user, the Yellow Bullet pills feel like nothing more than cafeine pills to me. All I could say is they keep me from falling asleep after lunch. Nothing more.

Brooklyn, New York

This is exactly I was looking for. IT gave me the energy and fat loss I wanted. I shed 10 lbs in 2 months. This product is worth every penny. I have already recommended this product and this site to everyone who is looking for the same results as me.

Sugar Grove,

tons of energy

Kenai, Alaska

This product is fabulous! I purchased this product to help with appetite suppression and also helps tremendously with BOTH of my needs! I am VERY HAPPY with the effects thus far! I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking to find similar help! ALSO- I want to say how happy I am with the shipping...Americas Nutrition rec'd my order on a Tuesday morning and I had the product in my mailbox on Friday of the same week...and I live in Alaska!!! THANK YOU WWW.EPHEDRAOUTLET.COM!!! I WILL RECOMMEND YOU ANYTIME!!!

Miami Beach, Florida

It was ok but I like lipodrene better

Middlefield, Connecticut

This product was not right for me... It did not curb my hunger and I showed no signs of weight loss. I will not be buying this particular product again.

Bloomington, Minnesota

Great use for Energy, good bang for your buck. Help me with appetire suppressant, even though I didnt plan on it

Olathe, Kansas

WOW, they changed formula since the last bottle. These make me DIZZY!!!!! Will not take any longer.

Arlington, Tennessee

Too much caffeine -not enough appetite suppressant - gives me the shakes.

Abilene, Texas

Too much caffeine. About half the amount would have done the trick. If you have a higher tolerance for caffeine, you might want to give it a try.

Houston, Texas

I have tried almost every Ephedra product on the maket. The Yellow Bullets are by far the strongest and best product for energy.

Dayton, OH

Love this product. This is my third order and I'm still losing weight on a consistent basis.

lackawanna, New York

these made me feel sick. did not give me alot of energy. i used stacker 2 & 3 for years and never had problems.

Lafayette, Louisiana

Just like the lable says works great with no jittery feelings.

canton, Illinois

it took a while to find the ephedra products once they were banned [ephedrine alkaloids were banned]. these are like they say. I will definitely reorder.

Memphis, Tennessee

Finally found a product that works after ephedra [ephedrine alkaloids] was banned. This product is a must for serious weight loss programs.

Kerrville, Texas

I love Yellow Bullet! This is my THIRD order.

Columbia, Missouri

LOVE this product!! Shipped fast, great price! Will return again!!

Central Point,

Went to yellow bullets after taking Bronkaid for about a year. Yellow bullets are better although I wish there was a way to half the dose of a capsule. Taking 2 is just too much caffeine.

Grand junction, Colorado

I love yellow bullets definitely will continue to use in my cycles GREAT Dietery supplement

Olathe, Kansas

GREAT PRODUCT. I just love the Yellow Bullet. Take it early in the morning and it is still kicking in at noon!!!! Will definitely be back for more.

hampton, South Carolina

im a little disappointed.I was looking for it to be close to the old ripped fuel but it wasnt close.

Charlotte, North Carolina

Yellow Bullet works very well with correct diet and excersice. I love it lost 30 lbs in 3 months. Kept it off even without the pill.

albuquerque, New Mexico

Great product. Gives energy. Would buy again

Edmond, Oklahoma

This gives you great energy.

Redondo Beach, Alabama

This worked better than lipodrene. I love them!

Winchester, Virginia

I used to take another product, once it was pulled I gained weight and had no energy. Then I found Yellow Bullets, they gave me that familiar wake up, extra energy, & curbs my appetite. I have lost weight again and only take 1 pill in the morning.. It keeps me going ALL day...Thanks!!!

elbow lake, Alabama

I love yellow bullets pills. I take one in the afternoon, and it keeps me going all day long.

San Diego, CA

I use Yellow Bullet pills before my workouts and they do a good job of getting me going. They last well past my 2 hour sessions. I would recommend them for energy.

Austin, Texas

Yellow bullets really got fired me up for my workouts.