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ultimate burn
ultimate burn diet pills

Ultimate Burn - 27 mg Ephedrine Diet Pill -

Ultimate Burn

90 Caps · #1000000012 · Schwartz Pharmaceuticals · 
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90 Caps

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Ultimate Burn is one of the most effective fat loss supplements available today! After ephedra alkaloids were banned by the FDA back in 2006 the original formula Ultimate Burn was taken off the market, after a long wait, it’s back and the new formula is abolutely AWESOME! Ultimate Burn has a super dose, 27 mg to be exact, of pure ephedra extract, along with other specialized ingredients to transform your body into a fat burning furnace.

Every serving of Ultimate Burn from Schwartz Labs:
•  Contains 27mg Ephedra Extract
•  Increases thermogenic metabolism
•  Promotes weight loss
•  Increases physical ability
•  And stimulates the thyroid

It’s not every day that you find the perfect complement to a goal-oriented diet and health plan. A powerful thermogenic booster will put you over the edge, aiding your physical ability to improve lean muscle mass. When you combine Ultimate Burn with a full workout routine, and a healthy diet you can maximize your fat loss, and see serious results! We say, give it a try and feel the heat today!

Staff Notes: Schwartz Labs Ultimate Burn is an herbal ephedra supplement containing 27 mg of ephedra, acacia rigidula, caffeine anhydrous, citrus aurantium, methylsynephrine HCL, MPEA tartrate, green tea extract, hydroxycitric acid, cinnamon extract, Thyroid Complex and Heat Complex. This ephedra weight loss supplement increases energy, improves metabolism of fats, reduces appetite, decreases caloric intake, improves mental focus and increases workout efficiency.

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Scottsdale, Arizona

I just really love this product. After trying many other products Ultimate Burn delivers. My goal was to lose 15 lbs with adding the Ultimate Burn to my workouts I was able to achieved this is 5 short weeks. Great value and I would recommend Ultimate Burn to anyone.

Rio Rancho,

Have had better as far as stimulant products go. Took 2 in the am before workout on empty stomach, felt a little nauseous for a short time. Energy effects wore off sooner than I had anticipated. May be better for others. Would give recommendation if it was on sale.

Arab, Alabama

This product gave me lots of energy without the jitters and the crash & burn of ephedrine. I bought this product as an energy pill not as a weight loss pill. It did not keep me from getting hungry, actually quite the opposite. I did not gain weight though, and I believe it is because I had enough energy by the time I got home that I could get in my walk/runs in as well. It also did not mess with my intestinal tract the way a lot of "diet" pills do. For those of you who have taken weight loss pills you know what I mean. I would buy this product again and I would recommend it to others.

Magnolia, North Carolina

I've had so much energy; I have been too busy to write and thank you for my recent order....Now...gotta go!!!!

Newman lake, Washington

I love this just makes me feel over all great!!

Chicago, Illinois

I love this product . It gives me that extra pep I crave before a workout.

Westmount, Quabec

Just okay. On an empty stomach, gives me acidity. Taken with food. No acid reflux but efficacy is less. Have tried fat burners before and reason for buying it is to have a change of product. Price is comparable with other regular fat burners. Will I recommend? I am on the fence. I normally do my workout in the morning and taking it on empty to stomach to give me that kick with acid reflux is not worth it to have an ulcer in the long run.

Grass Valley, California

this product works

Columbus, New Jersey

My first experience with Ultimate Burn gave me mixed results. On the positive side, I lost at least an inch around my waist in the first week (with no weight loss) and I also had a mild energy increase. On the negative side, I constantly had sweaty palms and became mildly nauseous when I would exercise. I am going to try a similar product next in the hope of a better energy increase without the side-effects. I am very pleased with customer support, and will continue to do business with Ephedra Outlet

roslindale, Massachusetts

will buy it again


My tolerance is very high with stimulants and thermos. This was not the strongest and unfortunately I bought two bottles.

San Diego, California

since I build tolerance for stimulants quickly it worked real well for me when I cycled it two weeks on and two weeks off. Good thermogenic without getting tweaked or amped out. I would recommend it to others.

Helena, Alabama

The product works great! You will feel a little jitter if you have not taken this product before. I was looking to counterract a medication that makes me eat to sickness. Ultimate Burn not only helped with the overeating, it gave me a perfect amount of energy and focus throughout the day. Product is well worth the money. I like it better than the Yellow Bullets, which are also a great product. I have recommended this product many times to firends and family.

Glen Saint Mary, Florida

I have been taking Lipodrene for years and needed a change...this product is absolutely amazing! Will buy more of it and recommend this to others who lack that "get up and go" feeling!

Wamego, Kansas

Use it primarily when family and other commitments keep me from getting enough sleep before I have to go to work. Wakes me up and gives me energy to start my day without the jittters that some products cause. Would recommend to other co-workers because we are currently working 70 hour weeks and the product definitely helps gettting out of bed a lot easier.

saint paul, Minnesota

I have been taking ephedra for a year. I love this poduct. It gives me energy and keeps me focused. And my appetite is suppressed. I would recommend this to a friend

New York, New York

Ive been taking various ephedra products for about 5 years now, and I have to say I think Ultimate Burn by far is the best. Stackers used to make me jittery and start to sweat, but with Ultimate Burn these side effects dont exist yet Im still seeing the amazing results Ive been looking for. Mainly I take Ultimate Burn first thing in the morning for energy as im not a coffee drinker, and again before i go to the gym for another burst of energy to help push myself during my workout. Im loving Ultimate Burn needless to say and just about to purchase another months supply. Thanks again for carrying such a great product.

Barstow, California

It gives me energy. It is worth the money. I recommend it. I just recently put in another order for this product.

Canberra, ACT

Very powerful, probably it is advisable to start with one pill and increase the dosage after a day or two. Boost energy level and stamina.


worked well. helped curb appetite & increase energy. Highly recommend. One draw back, I can taste the cayenne and it can cause heartburn.

las vegas, Nevada

Works well. Combats appetite when taken as directed.

Anchorage, Alaska

love this jitters, tons of energy, and no appetite all day


So far the product is working. It doesnt make me feel jittery like some of the other products ive tried in the past but it still works. I would recommend it to others to try. I like it!

Baltimore, Maryland

Ulimate Burn does just what it infers- I got maximum energy with minimum appetite. I would definitely buy it again!