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green surge ephedra

Green Surge

Green Surge Ephedra

120 Caps · #1000000050 · ASN · 
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120 Caps

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Do you want to know the best way to lose weight?  Ride the wave of intense physical energy with Green Surge (27 mg ephedra)! This stimulating new fat loss supplement will throw your body into overdrive, allowing you to tap into a physical prowess you didn’t even know existed.

Each serving of Green Surge from ASN will:
•  Improve natural thermogenic activity
•  Provide 27 mg of ephedra
•  Trigger dynamic weight loss
•  Increase your metabolism during workout

Make no mistake, there’s a better way to spend your workout. Exercise aims to increase the heart rate, powering the flow of blood around the body to stimulate growth and burn off excess calories. Burning these calories through physical exertion is the most effective way to lose weight quickly. An energy enhancing workout supplement can take your normal workout and take it to another level by inducing a quicker heart rate and increased calorie burning capabilities. Some supplements do this through harsh chemical stimulants that wreck your body over time. But with the 100% natural formula of Green Surge, you can feel good about your body while working hard to make it look spectacular!

This natural weight loss supplement from ASN contains only ingredients that can be found naturally in botanical extracts. Ephedra is the best known of these, and the most powerful stimulant you can provide your body. Every serving of this workout enhancement supplement contains a massive 27 mg of ephedra, safe enough for your body while greatly outpacing the competition. This stimulating experience is increased with caffeine anhydrous, phenylethylamine HCL, theobroma cocoa, citrus aurantium, evodiamine and yohimbine HCL. White willow bark provides the anti-inflammatory effects necessary to reduce any constriction of blood flow.

If you want to lose weight in the best way possible , give your body the green light to go faster. Give your body ASN Green Surge!

Staff Notes: Green Surge by ASN is a weight loss pill that contains 27 mg of ephedra, caffeine anhydrous, phenylethylamine HCL, theobroma cocoa, citrus aurantium, evodiamine, yohimbine HCL and white willow bark extracts. This workout aid will increase thermogenic activity, enhance blood flow, promote weight loss and improve physical performance during exercise.

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i went for ephedra because of my caffeine tolerance. this made me feel more nervous than cofffee. I tried it 3 times and same eh feeling but with barely any energy. i never had ephedra before so i dont know how i didnt get more energy. i may use the 100% guarantee to get a higher dose of ephedra to see if that might be better. caffeine makes me pee too much its annoying lol but at least its cheaper

HENRICO, Virginia

Would recommend, as what is stated equals what happens.

Golden Valley, Arizona

This product works well without the nausea that comes with soe. Helps to give me more energy & I would def recommend it.

schaumburg, Illinois

it is working great, even with no exercise i am losing weight, it is slowly but as long it is working .

Altadena, California

works good enough for the price, but does not last as long as some of the other products. i suggest spending the few extra bucks and get the yellow bullets.

30100, aitoloakarnania

i have never tried an ephedra product before....i saw a steady amount of energy, no jitters and no headaches, i would recomend it for sure

roslindale, Massachusetts

good new product

Sherman Oaks, California

By far my favorite ephedra product I have tried. No jitters, no sweats or shakes. I would suggest anyone and every one try it.

McMinnville, Oregon

I think the product is good! Have energy throughout my workouts! I would recommend.

Sherman Oaks, California

Very well done product. No side effects. All you get is a steady stream of energy. Take it once a day and you are good to go. The surplus fat has been steadily dropping off. This Green Surge is worth twice what they are asking for it. Also, I get to work at 05:30 and often work till 17:30, so the added benefit of the alertness the GS gives me is most welcome.

Long Island City, New York

I have tried a few different items but Green Surge works the best, I have lost 8 pounds in a month, I take 3 caps a day, 1 at 6AM, gives you energy for start of the work day, 1 at 11AM, that helps control your eating at lunch, and 1 at 4PM, control your eating at dinner, and does not effect your sleep at night Great Product.

Cadillac, Michigan

Green surge works great!!! completely took my hunger away and gave me lots of energy to work out. It was definately worth the money and I would reccomend this product to others. I hate getting shaky iwth caffeine and this does not make you shakey.


Does what it is intended to, gives you great energy. I take it with 1 aspirin usually and it powers me through an entire work out and then some. Its so potent, I sometimes break it in half to use just to coast through a boring day of work. Those that say this isnt enough must already have a high tolerance. However, it needs to be a tad cheaper. $30 shipped would be perfect. No jitters, but I am taking 1 a day, 2 max.

temple city, California

This product is decent but no where near as good as Yellow Bullet. I would recommend it perhaps if someone was plateauing as a means to jumpstart their work outs

Ypsilanti, Michigan

its alright. just cant find anything that works as good as the real deal ephedra and now my state has limits on what you can get and the price has gone through the roof for the real ephedra. used to get 100 pills for 5-7 dollars now cant get 12 pills for under 20 buck it sucks.