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HydroxyTrol with Ephedra


120 Caps · #EO249 · Foundation Nutriceuticals · 
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120 Caps

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Say goodbye to your fat and live like it never even existed with the powerful lipid incinerating formula of Foundation Nutraceuticals Hydroxytrol! This ephedra supplement contains the powerful herbal stimulation and metabolic boosters necessary to create lean tissue throughout your entire body.

Every serving of Hydroxytrol from Foundation Nutraceuticals:
•  Contains 2000 mg Hydroxagen
•  Contains natural protein and minerals
•  Increases thermogenic energy
•  Burns loads of excess calories

When the worlds of science and nature align, the results are formidable. For a while, it seemed as if scientific pharmaceuticals and chemical compounds might be the answer to natural obesity. Next, organic compounds such as hoodia showed promise, but didn’t quite make the cut. Today it’s understood that the best results come when science and nature find a way to coexist happily and healthy. Utilizing the same revolutionary compounds that launched a generation of fat burners, Foundation Nutraceuticals Hydroxytrol couples them with natural thermogenic enhancers for the strongest fat and caloric burning results you’ll ever experience!

This energy enhancing diet pill from Foundation Nutraceuticals contains pure Hydroxagen, the same revolutionary fat blocking compound found in industry standard supplements. Hydroxagen works by blocking the enzymatic reactions that cause carbohydrates to convert into fats and other lipids. The longer a carbohydrate remains a carbohydrate, the easier it will be for the body to burn it off. The process is helped by all natural extracts of guarana, mahuang, L-carnitine and chromium picolinate. Guarana and mahuang contain the natural stimulating alkaloids necessary for enhanced fuel conversion of nutrition and improved mental focus. The next generation of rapid weight loss and improved workout results starts with effective supplementation of Hydroxytrol before each workout!

It’s never been easier to turn your body into a bionic, high-octane machine. Get the fuel you need to get there with Foundation Nutraceuticals Hydroxytrol! Buy today!

Staff Notes: Foundation Nutraceuticals Hydroxytrol is a diet supplement that contains Hydroxagen, guarana, mahuang, L-carnitine and chromium picolinate. This fat burning supplement boosts thermogenic metabolism, contains safer stimulant alkaloids, improves mental focus and capability, increases caloric burning and promotes rapid weight loss.  Hydroxytrol is said to contain 50 mg of ephedra per serving.  Serving size is 2 capsules meaning there is 25mg ephedra per capsule.

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