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LipoTherm Extreme ECA Stack

LipoTherm Extreme

100 Caps · #EO299 · IceMan · 
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ECA stacks are the kings of weight loss.  MyoPharma is taking ECA stacks to the next level with the all new Lipo Therm Extreme. 

Lipotherm Extreme features:
•  Potent ECA stack
•  Fast acting energy boost
•  Amazing weight loss benefits

ECA stacks like Lipo Therm Extreme are the best recipe for increased energy and intense weight loss.  This product features 25mg of high quality ephedra extract designed to boost your body’s metabolic rate which in turn increases your potential for losing weight.  The caffeine and aspirin work in conjunction with the ephedra to provide energy along with further enhancing fat burning.  ECA stacks have withstood the test of time and continue to be the best option for losing weight.

Look to LipoTherm extreme to help you lose weight and start living your life again.  How long have you been saying that if I just lost 15 more pounds I would be so much happier?  Guess what?  You are right.  You will be happier and even more important you will be healthier.  Those long walks or runs will be that much easier, you will look that much better when you go out, and you will get to shop for some new, better looking clothes!  Get starting with the potent LipoThterm ECA stack and start losing weight today.

Staff Notes:  LipoTherm Extreme is a potent ECA stack designed for maximum energy and fat loss.  ECA stacks consist of ephedra extract, caffeine, and aspirin.

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