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Stimerex ES 25 - Original Stimerex ES - Hi Tech Stimirex Ephedra

Stimerex ES 25

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Hi Tech Stimerex ES weight loss pills will attack the most stubborn of your fat deposits. Had problems with the thighs, hips or butt? Been wanting to lose 5 pounds or 25 pounds? Then these Ephedra weight loss pills could be the solution to your weight loss problems. Stimerex ES was created by Dr Mark Wright, who has spent many years researching and working with weight loss patients. Stimerex ES is an all in one weight loss and fat burner pill. Why should you try Stimerex ES?

Benefits of Hi-Tech Stimerex ES:

* 29% more effective as a fat burner.
* Increases your metabolim
* Curbs your appetite and suppresses sugar cravings
* Shifts those unsightly and stubborn bulges from your butt, thighs and hips.
* Natural diuretic.
* Boosts your energy levels.

How does Stimerex ES Work?

After working with more than 120,000 dieters, Hi-Tech pharmaceuticals along with Dr Mark Wright, developed this diet wonder drug. This diet pill contains Ephedra;and will still stimulate your metabolism. Your body will be converted into a fat melting machine. How? I hear you asking.

Stimerex ES couples up with alpha 2 receptors, which are most prevalent in your thighs, butt and hips, and then draws out the fatty acid from each individual cell of fat. Stored fats are radically shifted by the activating of Cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate (AMP). Fats will be burned in preference to carbohydrates.

Cyclic AMP is vital for increasing your metabolism, and for burning fats. This is essential for banishing those wobbly thighs, butts and hips.

Stimerex ES targets stored fat, burns stored fat, and discourages the build up of any more fat cells.  Stimerex ES with ephedra is often compared to the original Black Ice Ephedra.

Research Findings:

There have been many convincing research studies performed with this diet pill. These statistics will bring a smile to any dieter's face:
*50% increase in the resting metabolic rate. (This means that you will be burning more calories even when you are resting.)
*29% more effective in fat reduction then previous fat burning diet pills.
*300% more body fat reduced.
*The University of Chicago noted that Stimerex ES was "unmatched by any other weight-loss or "fat burner" product currently available."

The natural herbs and ingredients in this weight loss product target your unwanted fat cells in a revolutionary and unique three way fat burning system. Stimerex ES is an all in one diet pill that will help you melt away those unwanted pounds, and more importantly, keep them from returning.

Lose those pounds fast and safely. Why not benefit from all those those years of research? Make it easy on yourself to banish those unsightly bulges forever! Boost your metabolism, gain energy, curb your appetite, reduce those troublesome sugar cravings, burn fat, and maintain your muscle tone, safely and easily.

Incorporate an exercise program with the use of your ephedra diet pills and watch the fat melt away.

A pharmaceutical that contains ephedra, was developed specifically to burn fat, and which needs no prescription! Start melting your fat away today. Click here now to safely and conveniently purchase Hi Tech Stimerex ES with ephedra diet pills.

Serving size: 1 tablet
Servings per container: 90

Staff Notes:Stimerex ES, aka "Black Diamond" Ephedra diet pills are 29% more effective in attacking those stubborn fat deposits. Stimerex ES ephedra, also compared to Black Ice,  is one of the most powerful fat loss and energy boost formulas ever created.

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Fryeburg, Maine

Love this product. Gives me tons of energy.

LA QUINTA, California

I cut the tablet I two & take 1/2 w my coffee daily. I work all night & the StimerexES helps me wake up w my coffee and helps me maintain my weight in more lean muscle w my work outs & mtn. Biking. StimerexES is a great product if used correctly.

Sheridan, Wyoming

Best product ever. Thank you

San Luis Obispo, California

This is a good product. none of the American ephedra will ever be as good as the old ephedra. But it is good. Bought this for energy and it does help. I would like to try another of their top 4 products to see the comparison but yes, I do like and I would recommend this product. I know a few people who buy it along with me. :)

Loved the product! Gives me just the 'kick' I was looking for! Feel energized and empowers me to stay true to my goals .... Plan to order more today! I have already recommended it (and your site) to others. Thank-you! Jennifer Brubaker

Partridge, Kansas

This product is awesome. I was hesitant to purchase it becuase there was so many to choose from. I read some reviews and went for it. I used to use a different product Vasopro Xtreme and wondered why it was not giving me the same results it used to. I looked close at the label and found out it has no ephedra in it at all anylonger. The first week I was a little jittery but in a good way. It has helped curve my appetite and has made me exell in my workouts. I have lost 8 lbs which is all I needed to get to my goal weight. The product is worth the money. It is a little less than the others out there, but that was not the reason I went with this one. It was the great reviews. I do recomend this product to others. Sweets are my addition and I do not crave them at all. Without all the sugar and starch I normally eat my stomache has gotten flatter. I have never had a flat stomache area until now. I have ordered my second bottle.

Avondale, Arizona

Good value for the price. Gives me energy, but does not make me feel jittery. Curbs appetite, Will buy again. :-)

Cheektowaga, New York

Yes this product is worth the money! I power through my days now, my several month weightloss plateau has been broken (nine pounds halfway through my first bottle). I take two doses a day, after breakfast and after lunch, it curbs my mid-meal snacking tendancy and allows me to keep moving without the energy drink crash. Best working product I have found since they took the Ephedra out of Metabolife!

yes the stimerex works well. I took 1/2 of it for an experiment to answer your question doe it work and how well does it work. Thursday, July 25, after taking 1/2 of the stimerex at 5:30 p.m., I went outside and cut the hedges on 3 lawns. In that I still was not tired I decided to wash our 2 cars. I had no problem completing these chores. The one side effect was that I only slept 2 hours on that night. That same day I used the stimerex to lift weights for 1&1/2 hours and jog 6 miles. It is a very good product and I used the original stacker. This is not the stacker but it is pretty good given the stacker is going!


Product works great. Gave me energy without the jitters. It is working to curb my appetite and give me the energy I need to get through the days work. It was definitely worth the money and I would recommend it to others.

Uhrichsville, Ohio

It worked great. Loved it & recommend it if serious.

Hackleburg, Alabama

These are VERY strong, and make me jittery, but are effective.

Weston, Florida

So far so good. Lost about 8 punds in 3 weeks with moderate excercise (30 min free wights + 60 min treadmill, 120 hart rate) Jitters a bit noticeable, but no major discomfort.

Erie, Pennsylvania

The product worked great, gave me the energy i needed and was an excellent appetite suppressor. My goal was to stop snacking all and still have energy to get things done and it worked great. So worth the money and i would absolutely recommend!

Monroe, Washington

I love this product. It gave me the energy that i needed to blast through my workouts, and maintain the energy throughout the day. I have lost 110lbs finally reaching my goal weight ! Totally worth every penny ! I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone that wants a product that works for energy sustenance, as well as weight loss.

Darlen, Illinois

The produck workedgreat for me. It gives me the boost of energy needed when I feel a bit tired. The product is worth purchasing and would recommend it to others.

Benton City, Washington

The product did not effect me at all, did not feel anything that was claimed in product detail.

Stillwater, New York

I have been using products from this site for a few years-and Stimerex ES is one of the best products I have used. I use it to increase my stamina and get an energy boost. I am a marathon runner and I use this product while training and have had excellent results. I believe this product gives me that little extra edge I need when doing a long run and also helps keep cravings at bay. I have tried MANY other products and I truly believe Stimerex ES is the most powerful fat loss & energy boost formula I have tried in the loast 8 years. This product is ABSOLUTELY worth the money and can help you achieve your goal whether it is weight loss or stamina or if you just need an energy boost- As an athlete who is always training I would recommend stimerex es to anyone who is looking for that little extra boost!!

Riverside, California

This is a good product, however I do not take it daily, because I feel it is very strong, and sometimes makes me nervous.

Michigan City, Indiana

The original use for ephedra was as a respiratory aid..It raises my pulse oximeter from a low of 89 to a normal range of 95-99.this works better for me than drugs without any bad side effects..I have a medical codition so results for normal metaolism may differ .it is also a help in iweight loss.

Yonkers, New York

Before tryin Stimerex ES 25 had lost all my self confidence, i have been since 15 yrs old, I am 35 now... this pill helpd me eneergize my workouts, curve my cravings, and without the jitters way after my workouts are over... I have lost 31 lbs since since February 2010, with eating a proper diet and excerising 4 times, I have finally acheive my confidence level... thank you.

euclid, Ohio

great yes yes yes

Alfredton, Victoria

This product gave great energy and really wakes you up without too much jitters or nausea or headaches like some supplements give, Stimerex has really given me the extra energy for excercise and it’s the best energizer I have used and will certainly be ordering more. A lot cheaper here then on other sites and very prompt customer support is a winning combination.

Darlen, Illinois

The product gave me more energy and was more alert. My main goal was to lose weight and not be tired when working out and it accomplished my goal. The product was worth the money and I would recommend it to others

Decatur, Illinois

This stuff is great! I have lost 10 lbs & my abs are tighter! It makes me feel more energized. It is definately worth the money, one of the less expensive ephedra products out there!!! And I would definately recommend it to everyone!

Windsor, New York

Product with Ephedra gives a good boost of energy. Used to buy Stimulant-X when it had Ephedra and these remind me of those -almost!