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Finabolic Liquid Ephedra


90 Liquid Capsules · #EO277 · GE Pharma · 
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90 Liquid Capsules

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Finabolic Liquid ephedra represents a new wave in ephedra diet pills.  Made from liquid ephedra Finabolic will boost your metabolism like never before.  Start losing weight immediately with all new Finabolic.  Finabolic will:

-  Light your metabolism on fire
-  Burn fat faster
-  Deliver unbelievable energy all day long

Are you tired of the trying the same old weight loss pills time after time.  Each one has a different name and color but deliver the same disappointing results.  It’s time to try Finabolic Liquid Ephedra from GE Pharma.  Finabolic delivers ephedra to the body faster than normal diet pills, boosting the metabolism right from the get-go.  If you need an energizer to start the day Finabolic might be your answer.

Ephedra has been used for hundred of years.  It’s widely acknowledged as one of the best ways to get your metabolism pumping.  You can expect long last energy and long term weight loss from ephedra diet pills.  Finabolic goes above and beyond by delivering ephedra in a liquid format.  Try Finabolic Liquid Ephedra today!

Staff Notes:  Finabolic Liquid ephedra contains 35 mg per serving.  Serving size is 3 capsules meaning each capsule contains 11.7 mg ephedra.

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