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Yellow Thunder Ephedra

Yellow Thunder

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Thunder occurs when a lightning bolt, which is hotter than the surface of the sun, rapidly heats the air around it causing a shockwave that we hear as a burst of sound.  Similarly, the supplement Yellow Thunder sends a shockwave of heat through your body that melt the fats leaving your body tight and fit after a mere 12 weeks.

Each Serving of Yellow Thunder by APS Will Give You:

-  Intense thermogenesis
-  Hours of limitless energy
-  A feeling of well being
-  Increased focus and mental stimulation
-  Increased metabolism
-  Weight loss promotion

Making time for exercise can be extremely challenging and so when you do exercise, you want it to really count.  Yellow Thunder multiplies the effect giving you a more rigorous, more rewarding workout.  It sends ripples of heat throughout your body so that with each bicep curl and each leg press your body feels exertion more quickly and completely.  The citrus autrantium, otherwise known as bitter orange, increases your heart rate so it is much easier to get a full cardio burn.  

Yellow Thunder is working for you even when you’re not working out.  Although you may be sitting at a desk all day, Yellow Thunder keeps you alert and attentive while it burns calories on your behalf.  Granted, it is a supplement so it is meant to be taken in conjunction with a good diet and regular exercise, but if it is, the results can be impressive.

As an added bonus, Yellow Thunder contains willow bark whose use dates all the way back to Hippocrates.  It continues to be used today to treat pain, especially low back pain and osteoarthritis, as well as inflammatory conditions such as tendinitis.

Staff Notes: Yellow Thunder by APS is a weight loss pill that contains ephedra extract, methylxanthin anhydrous, methyl synephrine, citrus autrantium, data-phenylethylamine HCL, yohimbe extract, hoodia, theobromine, chromium picolinate, white willow bark, green tea extract.  This workout aid will improve performance during workouts, increase thermogenic activity, promote weight loss, and enhance blood flow. 

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