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Zenatrol Weight Loss

Zenatrol Ephedrine

120 Caps · #1000000191 · Foundation Nutriceuticals · 
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Sick and tired of huffing and puffing on those exercise machines and not seeing the stubborn fat burn off? Now is the time to add a potent, ephedra fat burner to your routine. Zenatrol by Foundation Nutraceuticals is a strong, energy-boosting fat burner that will increase your metabolism, suppress your appetite and give you the boost you need to eliminate that unwanted fat.

•    Natural extracts to burn fat
•    Strong appetite suppressant formula
•    Get rid of unsightly, unwanted fat
•    Loaded with energy and calcium

Foundation has produced an ephedra fat burner that will help you fight the cravings so you can see and feel the results you desire. Zenatrol combines ephedra extract and natural extracts to really get your fat burning engine pumping!

Zenatrol comes in a convenient 120 capsule bottle. The regime to achieve results is easy to follow: Take 1 pill at least ½ hour to an hour before exercise (note:  this is a manufacturer recommendation and has not been tested by the FDA.) The potent ingredients in Zenatrol will keep the cravings at bay and the fat burning process going.

Naturally eliminate fat and improve your energy level with one of the most powerful fat burners out there. Zenatrol, used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise program will give you the fat burning results you’ve always wanted. Don’t just fight the fat, destroy it! Buy a bottle of Zenatrol today!

Staff Notes: Zenatrol is a natural fat burning nutritional supplement along with an ephedra fat burner and energy-booster.

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