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Liquid Ephedra Caps

Liquid Ephedra

60 Caps · #EO284 · Foundation Nutriceuticals · 
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Are you tired of spending money on weight loss supplements that promise a lot but don’t deliver results? Ready for one that does? Foundation Nutriceuticals is proud to introduce to you its revolutionary product called Liquid Ephedra Caps.

Liquid Ephedra Caps delivers:

•    Powerful blend of fat burning ingredients, including liquid ephedra
•    Breaks down fat, specifically around the mid-section
•    Suppresses appetite
•    Boosts energy

Liquid Ephedra Caps contains Liquid ephedra, and is one of only two products to do so. Liquid ephedra allows the ephedra to get absorbed much quicker than normal ephedra diet pilss. If you struggle with excess fat around your middle, you will notice quick results with Liquid Ephedra Caps. It specifically targets the break down of White Adipose Tissue Fat, the fat that accumulates around our internal organs and is commonly referred to as middle-age spread. This type of fat is not just unsightly, but is scientifically shown to increase your increase for heart disease and diabetes.

This powerful supplement is further enhanced by containing Synephrine, White Willow Bark, and caffeine. Each of these individual ingredients have great benefits, but when combined in one formula, you can be assured maximum results since they work together to increase energy, decrease appetite, and ensuring your weight loss is from fat stores, and not from lean muscle mass. Don’t wait, try Liquid Ephedra Caps today!

Staff notes: Liquid Ephedra Caps by Maximum Nutrients is a weight loss supplement that targets fat through a unique and powerful combination of ingredients. It suppresses appetite and increases energy while breaking down fat stores.

Warnings: Not for use in individuals under 18. Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Consult a doctor if you are being treated for thyroid disease, kidney disease, heart problems, depression, renal disease, or take an MAOI medication.


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