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Ma Huang - Pure Ma Huang Capsules - Buy Pure MaHuang Ephedra Diet Pills - Quantity Discounts Available

Pure Ma Huang Capsules

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Unfortunately, the manufacturer has stopped making all Sports One and Energy Nutrition products, including Pure Ma Huang, Ma Huang RP and Real Deal ECA Stack.

If you're looking for a replacement for Pure Ma Huang, we can save you the research. Zenalean Pro is the go to product for your Pure Ma Huang needs. It will absolutely take things up a notch. It is the product we totally recommend for replacing Pure Ma Huang!


Pure Ma Huang Capsules by Energy Nutrition is the best ephedra product on the market. Ma Huang the plant from which the best ephedra is derived, and if you want to buy ephedra, this is the most powerful form you'll find. Energy Nutrition has distilled the most effective weight-loss supplement ever, producing a pure ephedra supplement that will help you lose weight while providing the energy you need in your busy life. Pure Ma Huang Capsules will:

* Boost your metabolism
* Suppress your appetite
* Increase your energy
* Turn your body into a calorie burning furnace through thermogenics

You can't waste your time and money on a fad supplement that doesn't deliver. Ma Huang is both one of the oldest traditional medicines in the world, and one of the most scientifically studied. It has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for 5000 years! You will find no other weight loss product that can make that claim. But ephedra has also been studied extensively under rigorous modern conditions, and it has been found to be the single most powerful metabolism booster available.
But you want to see the proof that Pure Ma Huang Capsules are effective, and you want to see it quickly. Whether you're a fitness fanatic trying to lose those stubborn few pounds to show your ripped abs, or a person for whom diets have just never worked, you will begin to lose weight immediately. The proof is there from the first use: an increase in body temperature. The powerful thermogenic properties of ephedra will turn your body into a calorie burning furnace, without you having to change your already hectic routine. When you need to lose weight but can't fit any more gym time in, the only option is to reduce your calories or increase how many calories you burn while going about your day. Pure Ma Huang Capsules will give you the same benefit as a reduced calorie diet, but without the hunger and cravings.

But Pure Ma Huang Capsules can also be combined with a diet for even more incredible results. Because ephedra is a natural appetite suppressant, yo-yo dieting is a thing of the past. You won't binge and ruin your hard work, because you won't feel the desire to. And how many times have you grabbed a candy bar because your diet was so draining you just didn't have the energy to think straight? You can't afford to drag your way through your day. Pure Ma Huang Capsules will give you the energy to keep you going while you shed pounds.

You won't find a more effective or affordable total weight-loss solution, so what are you waiting for? Buy Pure Ma Huang Capsules by Energy Nutrition right now!

Staff Notes: Ma Huang is also known as ephedra. Pure Ma Huang is also known as Pure Ma-Huang 10 mg, Pure Ma Hung, Pure Ma-Hung, and is similar to Metabolife with ephedra, Metabolife 356, and Stacker 3 with ephedra. This products does contain a small amount of caffeine, similar to a cup of coffee.

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Saint louis, Missouri

The product helped maintane weight. I would say it is a good for those looking for weight maintanance but not loss.

Colbert, Oklahoma

I am still using the product, It is working very well. I have been losing weight at a steady rate.....I have also been doing regular exercise, nothing hardcore but normal low key excercise. I purchased the diet pill to help me take off 30 lbs. It is helping me to achieve that goal. I have currently lost 12 lbs. I watch what I eat, but when I want something specific to eat I do not deny myself. It makes the diet go smoother, that way I feel like I dont have to deny myself of simple pleasures. The product is certainly worth the money I paid and I would certainly recommend it to anyone. It is important that you evaluate your health because it can make your heart rate increase. Just make sure you are in good health before taking this product and it will work miracles for you!!

Sanpoint, Idaho

The capsules worked great. They helped fight that afternoon fatigue and what a great appetite suppressant. Well worth the money and yes I highly recommend this. thank you Ranae

Waxahachie, Texas

This is the REAL weight loss supplement ... this is what works. I recommend it to anyone who has difficulty losing weight because a slowing metabolism. Worth the cost... I take 2 a day, usually.

Cool, California

I love this product!!!!!!!!!!!!


this product did nothing and i do NOT recommend it

I feel thinner . fingers less swollen and i feel i am more alive . have more energy now then when i first started taking this product . i am walking everday and enjoying it much more . do not feel blotted and fat . I am enjoying life . smiling more .

Columbus, Ohio

product does not have ingredients listed on Web site. They use nevadensis which has no thermogenic effect on fat burning at all. Waste of money.

Livermore, California

Product has been working fine along with my daily workout and eating regimen. It helps amp me up before workouts. Would definitely mention to others about the product.

Sanpoint, Idaho

Hello, I love this producrt- it does what is states it will do. My job is very physical and taking these capsules give me that added energy in the afternoon. I have recommended this product to friends - I am hoping they will become customers to you too! thank you so much Ranae

Sanpoint, Idaho

i love this product - definetly worth the money - gives you energy and curbs the appetite just what I wanted. I would recommend to others- thank you

Louisburg, North Carolina

I was very sad that it does nothing for me. It says take one pill, but I even took 2 and still nothing. :(

Agawam, Massachusetts

This product did nothing for me. The pills did not curb my appetite or give me any energy boosts. I prefer Yellow Bullets. I am disappointed that I spent the money and did not get the effect that I expected. I personally would not recommend this product.

Tokyo, xx

Good!! I like the this product!!

Thousand Oaks, California

this did nothing for me, no energy, did not feel anything at all.

Alexandria, Minnesota

Actually, I used to a similar product before it was removed from the marketplace. No doubt this stuff works!! but i use it to maintain, not so much to lose weight. It gives me a great boost when taken 45 mins prior to my workout routine. I actually cycle my intake to ensure full effectiveness and to not create a tolerance level or reduce its effectiveness. Used in this manner, i find it well worth the price!

Laborim VNG, Vila Nova de Gaia

More than i expected when i ordered it. helps in sport and in day life

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee

i was very dissapointed to find out that i had been tricked. these products contain an ephedra EXTRACT, which is not real ephedra. it says "pure ephedra" supplement. well yes, it is FROM ephedra but, not what we are all looking for. I was shopping for and led to believe I had found ephedra alkaloids as I used to get in Ripped Fuel before the ban by the FDA. there is no energy supplied by this product, no appetite suppression, no nothing. I have since found the alkaloids I was searching for but, Not here.

Mundelein, Illinois

This works great without the shakes and crash of other products. Real MaHuang aerial parts pure and simple-no excessive caffein from additional sources-read the lables! This is exactly what I needed and got the results. It is a great value too! I am buying more shortly.

Mt. Carmel, Tennessee

I found this product to be good at appetite control and when stacked with caffine it seem to help boost energy

Mount Airy, North Carolina

I use this product for extra energy and as a bronchial dilator as needed


It did not do what it proclaims to do

East Weymouth, Massachusetts

I did not find any of this information to be true: * Boost your metabolism * Suppress your appetite * Increase your energy * Turn your body into a calorie burning furnace through thermogenics

East Weymouth, Massachusetts

I bought Pure Ma Huang capsules for an energy boost and to aid in weight loss. No increase in energy and no result with weight loss. I have used other products in the past that worked, thus I am speaking with experience. I would not recommend this product at all. It was a complete waste of money time and energy!! Very disappointed with the product ........

Ellisville, Missouri

Pure MaHuang gives me extreme focus and energy. My goal is to gain strength and Pure MaHuang provides instant results and makes my workouts much more effective. It is well worth the money and I would highly recommend it to others.

Lacombe, Alberta

I bought this product for small weight loss but mainly for energy. It felt like I took a placebo! Would not recommend! Zero energy increase and no weight loss.

Sheridan, Colorado

I like this product I have a lot more energy without being jittery. Yes it is totally worth the money and I would recommend it to others.

Rio Rancho, New Mexico

Brought me the energy I was looking for.

Valley Center, California

I think this product does exactly what it says it will do. I definitely noticed an increase in my energy level which is why I purchased this product. I feel the pricing was fair and would definitely recommend this to others. Will buy again!

Camillus, New York

Product works very well. Makes me feel great, lots of energy. Goal to burn fat and lose weight. Definitely worth the money. I would recommend it to others for sure.

Horatio, Arkansas


Lake Mary, Florida

Outstanding product! Pure performance - just like its name. Clean energy, mental clarity, and none of the crazy extra ingredients in other supplements. Great value for the price! Worth every penny. Ephedra Outlet rocks with fast shipping and great service!

Los Angeles,

this product works really well for me. i have a medical condition that makes me weak and tired a lot and instead of drowning in coffee, i can take one of these caps a day and get through work and even have energy after. this company is very cool too in as far as their exchange policies and are very generous in making sure there is customer satisfaction. i will be buying my ephedra from this company for many years to come.

Canberra, ACT

Not as powerful as ephedra but still a good aid for keeping weight under control



Roanoke, Virginia

I love this product. it gives mt the benefits of Ma Huang w/out the added caffeine. I definitely recommend it!

Collingswood, New Jersey

I Feel Great. Lost 12 pounds. Well worth the money. I would recommend it to others.

New Castle, Colorado

I think your products, company and staff are the best I have found for ordering supplements!


this product works great, recommend this product.


product as expected, nice clean energy. no overwhelming buzz or nasty withdrawal. good value for money. better than a lot of ECA stacks on offer

Lake St Louis, Missouri

Works fairly well . . . I enjoy getting the energy boost without the jitters. Sometimes I combine this with Metabothin for extra energy and they work well together. Love the product and I recommend it to others!

fayetteville, North Carolina

This is the best site and they sell the best products.I only buy my fitness and weight loss supplements from them and have now for 5 years.If you want fast and safe results then buy your top notch fitness and weight loss products right here at EPHEDRA OUTLET...

Santa Cruz, California

This product arrived very promptly & has worked out quite well. I have been able to better stay alert & energized through long day combinations of work & school, have felt great & even lost some weight!

Joliet, Illinois

I would say this product is so far closest to the effects I achieved in the past with ephedra alkaloids.

San Jose, California

My products arrived in no time ordering was simple and easy and was everything I expected!!!

Post Falls, Idaho

My order arrived quickly and provided the extra energy for my work outs. I would recommend this product to anyone who needs that little extra bust in your work outs at a reasonable price.

North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania

The product gave me more energy and helped to keep me focused. I believe the price charged was fair. I would recommend this to others.

North Aurora, Illinois

My product arrived quicker than I expected and delivered exactly what was stated in the ad. I started to feel immediate results.

Saint Petersburg, Florida

1.very potent product & weight loss(still achieving goal) 3.yes 4.yes

Saint Petersburg, Florida

Very effective!

Post Falls, Idaho

work great at surpressing my appitite

Windsor, New York

Was average as far as the "buzz" it created. Felt the Metabothin and Stimurex with Ephedra were better.


Worked good for me. Surpressed my appitite.

Corona, California

Disappointing, I found this product weak and I would not purchase again. Lipodrene is better

las vegas, Nevada

It worked great, gave me energy and took away my hunger

Houston, TX

This product worked well for me, but I only gave it 4 stars because the Sport One Ma Huang RP worked even better for me. That's just my opinion, but I've tried both and I like the Ma Huang RP the best.