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It’s that time again.  The 2015 diet pill review is here and better than ever!  We changed things up this year and decided to compare our 2015 top diet pills vs the “other guys” 2015 diet pill reviews.  (Hint: We win).


2015 is what I’m referring to as the year of the name.  Why?  Because it seems like companies are spending all their time coming up with clever names for their diet pills instead of making them better.

Let’s compare what other people are calling the top diet pills of 2015 to what EphedraOutlet calls the top 3 diet pills of 2015.  Diet pill companies have a long history of questionable marketing which is why we strive to provide the most honest reviews and content possible.  Too many times companies have nothing new to offer so they are forced to come up with clever names or marketing slogans to lure people into trying new things.

Guess what? Ephedra  Outlet doesn’t have to do that.  Our top 3 diet pills of 2015 were the top 3 diet pills of 2014 and the top 3 diet pills of 2013, and so on and so forth.  You know why? Because they are the ones that work!  Tons of customer reviews and tons of customer reorders prove that.  Whether you are looking for weight loss or appetite suppression, or maybe just a little energy boost during the day our diet pills are customer tested and customer approved.


Other guys #1 –  Abidexin?  Where do these names come from?  I can picture the marketing meeting right now… First, start off with “Ab” because everyone wants abs and “dexin” to make it sound medical and boom(!) we have a name.  Unfortunately there is a lot more to a diet pill than just a name.

Ephedra Outlet #1 – Green Stinger – No surprise here, it’s been #1 for three straight years! Green Stinger displaced Yellow Bullet as the #1 diet pill in 2012 and hasn’t looked back since.  Customers love it for the amazing energy boost with no crash but more importantly for the way it attacks stubborn fat and seems to melt away the pounds.  Once again, this isn’t a magic pill, but if you want to lose weight and can eat healthy for a measly six weeks, supplementing with Green Stinger will increase your weight loss even more!  Don’t mess around with diet pills with crazy made up names, stick with the #1 diet pill for 2015!

Other guys #2 – QuadraLean – I have no idea what QuadraLean means.  Can anyone help?  Does this mean its twice as good as DoubleLean?  I was going to do more research into this product but couldn’t stop laughing at the name.  Let’s just skip to EO’s #2

EphedraOutlet #2 – Superdrine -  I want to call this the King of Ephedra and it would be if not for Green Stinger.  However, this diet pill has been around even longer and is still holding strong at #2 on the list.  All of our diet pills will help you fight fat, but this guy also helps curb your appetite.  That really comes in handy when 8 o’clock rolls around and your stomach is dying for those delicious leftovers in the fridge.   The ingredients in Superdrine will fight back against those ridiculous hunger pangs that are keeping you from achieving your goals.  *Pro tip – If you have a problem with late night eating you are probably associating certain late night activities with food.  Change the pattern and you will change the behavior!

Other guys #3 –OxySelect Pink – Here we are with a product clearly going after the women’s market.  But does it actually work or is it just a cute name?  This product contains green coffee beans (remember Dr. Oz getting in trouble for promoting those?) and Raspberry Ketones both of which are trendy ingredients that have no proven track record of assisting in weight loss, especially compared to Ephedra.

EphedraOutlet #3 – Yellow Bullet.  No surprise here, it’s only been in the top 3 since 2007!  When you are the one of the best year after year there is no need for drastic changes.  Has the formula been tweaked over the years?  Absolutely it has.  And it’s only become better year after year.  Customers rave about this product more than any other and it’s because it provides awesome energy and destroys fat.  What more can you ask from a diet pill?  Oh, and it already has an awesome name!  No need for endless marketing meetings.  Sorry QuadraLean.

Look, we know that ephedra has been around forever (2000+ years) but there is a reason for that.  It works!  We don’t have to spend hours in a marketing office coming up with new names after years to try and sell you the same bland diet pills with a different name.  We already have the top 3 diet pills of 2015!  And guess what, we will probably have the top 3 diets pills of 2016 too.  If something amazing comes along we will be the first to tell you about it, but until then trust EphedraOutlet when you are looking for the best diet pills for this year.

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