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I used to have a friend whose family planned every meal at least two days in advance.  I would be at their house on a Saturday afternoon and they would be discussing Monday’s lunch options.   Coming from a family that never sat down together to eat and never even contemplated what we were eating next until we were hungry I thought this particular ritual was borderline insane.  You are seriously talking about a meal that is almost 48 hours away?

What changed for me?

A couple years later I realized that I had become my friend’s family.  It’s genius.  Advanced meal planning is an amazingly underutilized tool for losing weight and getting healthy.  Why is it so awesome?


When you plan a meal so far in advanced you are making a solid commitment that this particular meal is what you will be eating at this time on this day.  It’s so easy and simple.  When that day and time arrives you eat that meal and move on.  There is no last minute rush to McDonald’s because you are starving and don’t know what to make because you have already committed to your meal days in advance!

Makes Grocery shopping easy and fun

If you plan your meals before or while you are grocery shopping you avoid buying foods that you shouldn’t eat and also buy only what you need.  You need to plan for a protein and a vegetable for every meal along with the occasional fruit and secondary carb choice like a sweet potato or rice.  Read more about healthy eating and meal planning here.

Lasting change

Planning my meals in advance has changed my eating forever.  I now commit to a healthy meal days in advance and stick to it almost every time.  It makes it much easier to say no to those unhealthy last minute lunches that people are so prone too.  Ever see the line at McDonald’s around noon?  Those people aren’t doing much advanced meal planning at all.  Nobody plans 100% of their meals, but if you spend some time thinking about tomorrow’s meal 80% of time you will be on the path to eating healthy and losing weight for good.

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