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Creating your own diet »

Things to Consider Before Creating Your Own Diet Creating your own diet can be a great thing for your health. And I’m not talking about some random diet; I’m talking about creating the ideal diet that is perfect for you. It must suit your eating habits, fit into your lifestyle, meet your dietary preferences and […]


Dietary Supplements »

Dietary supplements sounds like a made up government phrase, doesn’t it?  I don’t meet too many people saying “Yes, I have found a great new dietary supplement for you to try out!”  We call them diet pills right?   Or maybe supplements or ephedra pills.  Pretty much anything but dietary supplements.  But the FDA loves to […]


Prescription Diet Pills »

Before taking a prescription diet pill don’t sleep for 48 hours, spin around in circles like a four year-old trying to get dizzy, and then ram your head into a wall repeatedly.  This will help you mimic some of the side effects of Belviq, the newest FDA approved prescription diet pill.  And it’s not limited […]


Phentermine vs Ephedra »

Phentermine is one of the most misunderstood words in the weight loss world.  It gained popularity as one part of the very popular but very dangerous fen-phen “miracle pill,” and people have been asking questions about it ever since.  Is it a drug? Prescription or nonprescription? Or some kind of magical weight loss pill sent […]


2015 Diet Pill Review »

It’s that time again.  The 2015 diet pill review is here and better than ever!  We changed things up this year and decided to compare our 2015 top diet pills vs the “other guys” 2015 diet pill reviews.  (Hint: We win).   2015 is what I’m referring to as the year of the name.  Why? […]


Is a Calorie a Calorie? »

Is a Calorie Just a Calorie? Most people know about as much about calories as they do about the carburetor in their vehicle. The word is familiar to them and they have some vague notion that it helps their engine perform better, but start getting to specifics and they hit a brick wall. If you […]


HCG Diet »

Imagine sitting down to a healthy breakfast of scrambled eggs, a couple slices of turkey bacon, and a banana.  Sounds like a pretty good breakfast doesn’t it?  Well if you are on the HCG diet it would be the only thing you would eat that day! The HCG Diet is a preposterously unhealthy diet that […]


Obesity vs World Hunger »

Remember when Miss America contestants used to get up on stage and state that if they could fix anything in the world it would be world hunger?  Those days are gone.  Obesity has become a BIGGER world health crisis than hunger. If you are like me you had to pause and read that sentence again.  […]


Advanced Meal Planning »

I used to have a friend whose family planned every meal at least two days in advance.  I would be at their house on a Saturday afternoon and they would be discussing Monday’s lunch options.   Coming from a family that never sat down together to eat and never even contemplated what we were eating next […]