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Dietary supplements sounds like a made up government phrase, doesn’t it?  I don’t meet too many people saying “Yes, I have found a great new dietary supplement for you to try out!”  We call them diet pills right?   Or maybe supplements or ephedra pills.  Pretty much anything but dietary supplements.  But the FDA loves to be official so instead of diet pills we call them dietary supplements.

The FDA is in charge of “regulating” the dietary supplement industry.   What’s weird is that they don’t approve any dietary supplements, they only ban them or make certain ingredients illegal.  Obviously we have seen that in the past with phen-phen and more importantly ephedra, and more recently with DMAA.

Dietary supplements were first officially defined by Congress in 1994 as something that supplements the diet (wonder where they came up with dietary supplement?), is a pill/capsule/etc, and is labeled on the front as a dietary supplement.  So in case you didn’t catch that, a dietary supplement is something that is labeled as a dietary supplement.  Mind blowing stuff Congress!

The FDA does control some important parts of a dietary supplement.  They limit the claims that can be made by a dietary supplement manufacturer.  For instance, dietary supplements can’t claim to cure, treat, or prevent a disease.  The law states that a label for a dietary supplement must by truthful and not misleading or the FDA can pull it from the market.   We have firsthand experience with this as some of the products we carry (remember we are not a manufacturer) have been pulled from the market to be relabeled.  Many times this was just an honest mistake by the manufacturer not understanding the intricacies of the law around labels and dietary supplements.

Now that we know all that we would ever want to know about the laws around dietary supplements what are some of our recommendations?  Well, let’s talk about two:

Green Stinger – Our number #1 dietary supplement (still sounds weird) or diet pill, Green Stinger provides tons of energy while also helping you lose weight. Green Stinger is labeled as a maximum strength weight loss product, but you will notice it makes no claims on the label per the dietary supplement rules that we just discussed.

Yellow Bullet – Another one of our most popular dietary supplements, Yellow Bullet is first known for energy, but we think it also works great for weight loss. Yellow Bullet when out of their way on the label to make state “this product does not contain any ephedra alkaloids.”  This shows just how seriously manufacturers take FDA regulations, as this label was made after the ban of ephedra alkaloids and Delta wanted it to be known that the new Yellow Bullet was in compliance.

Dietary supplements are a huge multibillion dollar business in the United States.  We like to poke fun at the FDA, but they do a pretty good job of regulating the industry and making sure there aren’t misleading claims surrounding dietary supplements.  Luckily with EphedraOutlet you don’t have to rely on our word alone.  We have the word of our customers to back us up!  Please reply with any questions and check out our top 3 dietary supplements here.

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