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Women are different from men.  Wait, am I allowed to say that these days?  It’s so hard to tell with the PC police running around.  Sorry, but it’s true.  Women really are different than men (that doesn’t mean I don’t think everyone should get equal pay for the same job!).  Play along with me for a second before sending off that angry email….Ephedra as a weight loss accelerator is good for both women and men.  Women using ephedra to lose weight should follow a slightly different strategy to have optimal results.

We aren’t talking about drastically different strategies, just slight differences that might make the difference in losing 1 pound a week vs 3 pounds a week, which over time means a huge difference!  If you lose 1 pound a week for 8 weeks, that’s 8 pounds (really difficult math, I know).  But if lose 3 pounds a week for 8 weeks, that’s 24 pounds!   Big freaking difference right!   And that might be able to be done with some slight adjustments in your ephedra weight loss strategy.


We always recommend our top 3 ephedra products when someone asks which ephedra product is right for me?  We do this because they are the best reviewed, bestselling, and most often reordered.  Meaning they are the best of the best.  But are they fine for women?  Of course!   Much of the marketing done by supplement companies tries to target women specifically, but all of our ephedra products work great for both men and women.

I would still recommend Green Stinger above all others to women looking to lose weight with ephedra.  It’s “The King” and we have seen great results from women losing weight with it.

Women tend to lose weight slower than men, especially initially.  This is due to men generally having more lean muscle mass.  So if you are woman looking to lose weight with ephedra, start lifting weights!  I promise you you won’t get too bulky or muscular, men work for YEARS and eat thousands of calories per day to get muscular.  You won’t be doing either.  Instead you will be increasing your lean muscle mass, burning calories longer, and destroying body fat!  The right ephedra product and the right strategy will have you losing weight faster than ever!

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