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Ephedra Before a Workout?

One of the most common questions we get is whether or not you should take ephedra a workout.  The answer is…….Yes!  But not because of the ephedra.  Every ephedra diet pill contains caffeine (usually in a dosage of 150-350mg) that can push your workout to another level.  When you take an ephedra pill before a workout you get the energizing effects of caffeine along with the fat burning effects of ephedra.

Benefits of ephedra diet pill before workout

Caffeine has long been known to improve athletic performance.  So much so that it was banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency for a short term before calmer heads prevailed and people realized that caffeine was a natural stimulant found in so many products that it was almost impossible to ban.  Caffeine has been shown to improve your mood, increase focus, help with weight loss, and increase endurance.  That seems like a win to me!  And then when you add ephedra and the rest of the supplementary ingredients into the mix you have an awesome pre-workout supplement.

How much ephedra?

One pill is always the recommended starting place and some people even start with half.  The important thing to remember is studies have shown that 200-300mg is about the max caffeine level that will have an effect on you.  Any more than that and it might actually start to decrease performance.  And performance from the caffeine/ephedra combination usually peaks 45-75 minutes after taking it, so plan your workout accordingly.

Which ephedra pill?

If you are a newbie to ephedra/caffeine I would start off with Green Stinger.  It has a smaller dosage of caffeine and will be a good starting step for someone who isn’t used to feeling “amped.”   Yellow Bullet has about 300mg of caffeine so if you are more used to caffeine it might jumpstart your workout in a great way!

Ephedra before a workout is a great idea especially for those that are looking to work even harder in the gym.  Taking an ephedra pill will make your workout that much better AND increase the benefits of the workout.  The ephedra will help burn fat and the caffeine will give you focus and let you work harder and longer.  It doesn’t get any better than that!

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