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Phentermine is one of the most misunderstood words in the weight loss world.  It gained popularity as one part of the very popular but very dangerous fen-phen “miracle pill,” and people have been asking questions about it ever since.  Is it a drug? Prescription or nonprescription? Or some kind of magical weight loss pill sent from outer space to cure weight loss so we can focus on more important things, like who is going to win season 342 of The Bachelor.

Let’s answer some of those questions.  Unfortunately phentermine is not magical so therefore could not have been sent by aliens so we can cross that one of the list. Here are some of the facts about phentermine:   ***Note:  If boring medical information isn’t your thing skip to the section called “Why Phentermine sucks compared to Ephedra.”***

What is Phentermine?

Phentermine is a stimulant that was first approved by the FDA in 1959 and works by stimulating brain chemicals called neurotransmitters.  It acts by creating a fight or flight reaction in the nervous system in order to suppress your appetite.  Phentermine comes with a list of side effects as long as a Harry Potter book (not the first one either, like book 6) and must be taken as strictly advised by a doctor.

Phentermine is available through a couple different supplements like Adipex and Qsymia.  Qsymia is the newest FDA approved drug to feature phentermine with another medication to help combat obesity.  We wrote extensively about Qsymia here.

Fen-phen was taken off the market due to very severe medical issues caused from the combination of phentermine and fenfluramine, so why the FDA has decided that a very similar combination of phentermine and an anti seizure medication called Topiramate is safe is beyond us.  In fact, initially the FDA did not approve this combination before reversing their decision and approving the phentermine contain Qsymia.  We would caution anyone that is considering a phentermine contain prescription to reconsider due to the potentially harmful effects.

Is Phentermine Necessary?

No. (Really, it’s that simple).

Why Isn’t Phentermine Necessary

Sorry for the short answer in the last section.  We get worked up about prescription pills that cost an arm & a leg but aren’t all that effective.  Phentermine isn’t necessary because appetite suppression can be handled by non-prescription ingredients like Hoodia which is found in Lipodrene.  It also isn’t necessary because of the profound effect it could have on your body.  Just read the section above about how it works.   You are literally messing with your nervous system which in case you didn’t know is a vital part of your body.  We understand obesity can be a crippling issue, but shouldn’t we exhaust all other options before taking something this drastic?

A couple suggestions on appetite suppression:

Throw everything unhealthy out of your house and don’t buy it again.  People make fun of me all the time for the lack of food in my house but I don’t care.  I won’t wake up at midnight and eat a tub of ice cream or come home at 8 pm destroy a bag of chips because I don’t have those things in my house.  Out of sight, out of mind.  This works.

If you do get hungry and must eat outside of scheduled meals have a go-to snack that is healthy and filling.  Veggies are always allowed and there are numerous other options that work in moderation.  Nuts can be a great snack as long as you monitor the calories (they add up fast) and fruits are welcome as long as you don’t overdo them.   Hard Boiled eggs, beef jerky, homemade rutabaga chips (look them up) are also great snacks.  I promise these healthy snacks are way better than some of the side effects of phentermine.

Put the pain somewhere else.  Ever heard the story about how someone complains about a pain somewhere in the body (say their foot) so you punch them in the arm?  They ask why you did it and you calmly say “your foot doesn’t hurt anymore does it.”  Obviously this is ridiculous but it might have a takeaway.  When you start getting insanely hungry do 10 pushups or 10 sit-ups.  Anything that will take your mind off being hungry for a little bit and focuses your energy on something else.  The more difficult the exercise the better as it will take your focus and put it there.

Use water to suppress your appetite.  Water is the most amazing appetite suppressant ever.  I can go from starving to feeling great after one glass.  Speaking of which, we aren’t recommending starving yourself, rather we want you to eat a balanced diet and handle these unnatural hunger pains without using a stimulant like phentermine.

Alternatives to Phentermine

Let’s start off with something you may be surprised to hear.  I’m not going to recommend a supplement right away.  If you are obese enough to be considering phentermine none of the ephedra supplements we sell are going to help you.  First, make the decision to lose weight and then take action on that decision.  Throw away the junk food (today, not next week) and eat healthy for one week.  That is easy!

After that, eat healthy for another week.  If you are obese and eat healthy for two weeks you will probably lose close to 10 pounds.  That kind of weight loss isn’t healthy continually but it is common initially especially for the obese.  Now we can get somewhere.  You have had 14 days of eating healthy and hopefully some exercise.  That means good habits are being formed and bad addictions are being kicked.  Now let’s energize that weight loss with Yellow Bullet or Lipodrene.  We both knew it was coming but the reviews on these speak for themselves and they are amazing phentermine alternatives!   Read more here and here on how to lose weight without phentermine and get healthy without sacrificing your health.

Why Phentermine Sucks Compared to Ephedra

Phentermine at its purest is an appetite suppressant that attacks the nervous system.  Appetite suppressants are very hit and miss and only work for a certain percentage of the population.  In order to get metabolic benefits that actually boosts your ability to burn fat, you have to combine phentermine with another drug (like for Qsymia).  This makes it even more dangerous than it already is.  Ephedra on the other hand burns fat and gives you energy which is exactly what you need as you start losing weight.  In our minds phentermine vs ephedra isn’t a battle at all, it’s ephedra all the way.

For me, phentermine falls under the category of “not worth it in any scenario”.  Why would I need to resort to such an unsafe method of losing weight such as phentermine when it’s not necessary? Do you have experience with phentermine?  Feel free to share below.

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