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Green Stinger with 27mg of Ephedra by Schwartz Labs is probably the most powerful thermogenic supplement on the market. It combines 27 mg of ephedra, the most you'll find in an ephedra diet pill, with 8 other thermogenic compounds and 3 thermogenic extenders, for a formula which will cause you to burn fat as no product ever has. Green Stinger is the ultimate ephedra supplement.

With Green Stinger you'll experience:

  • Increased metabolism
  • Massive fat loss
  • Increased energy
  • Improved mood
  • Suppressed appetite

Ephedra is the most powerful weight loss supplement we currently have, and Schwartz has been working with it from the beginning. In Green Stinger, they have developed a formula for people who do not want to mess around. Green Stinger is for people who were burned by promises from ephedra-free products during the ephedra ban, people who just want a diet pill that works and works fast. Green Stinger doesn't mess around.

What is thermogenesis? It's when your body temperature is increased by a few degrees, causing the body to passively burn more calories. It is the most effective way of boosting the metabolism. So let's look at the thermogenic ingredients in Green Stinger. First is ephedra. Ephedra has no equal. It's effectiveness as a weight loss supplement is unquestioned. If there were a contender for the thermogenic crown, however, it would be Citrus Aurantium. How can a second metabolic booster be added to ephedra without the effect being to intense? Because Citrus Aurantium boosts metabolism without increasing heart rate or blood pressure. Next is Acacia Rigidula, which supplies norepinephrine, a compound which stimulates the thyroid gland. A well functioning thyroid gland is a necessity for weight loss, but a reduced calorie diet can impair thyroid function. That's why Acacia Rigidula is so important, besides it's thermogenic effect.

But the body is always trying to return to equilibrium. So when you boost your metabolism, your body releases two chemicals which attempt to lower it, one inside and one outside of your cells. That's why every thermogenic worth the asking price contains caffeine and salacin, in this case from White Willow Bark. This is the classic ECA stack. By adding these two ingredients, the thermogenic effect lasts for hours and hours, causing you to burn calories all day long, and Naringen extends the effect even longer.

Many people find the energy boost of ephedra leaves them jittery and anxious. That's why you need to move beyond the traditional ECA stack, and try Green Stinger. Schwartz Labs has been in the game long enough to not just take a bunch of ingredients and throw them together because they're trendy at that moment. They've formulated Green Stinger with consideration for your total experience. That's why Green Stinger contains Phenylethylamine HCL and Theobroma Cocoa. These two compounds counteract some of the mental stimulation of ephedra, creating a more mellow energy that keeps you fueled, but gives you focus. They release neurotransmitters essential to mental health, and are each known as mood optimizers.


Serving Size: 2 Caplets
Servings Per Container: 60
Ephedra Extract 27mg
Citrus Aurantium (bitter orange) 170mg
Acacia Rigidula (95%) 150 mg
Phenylethylamine HCl 150mg
Theobroma Cocoa 100mg
Green Tea Extract 120 mg
Proprietary Yohimatrix™ 10mg
[Yohimbine HCl, Alpha-Yohimbine11, 11-Hydroxy Yohimbine]
Naringen 30mg
Pure White Willow Bark Extract 300mg
Evodiamine (98%) 10mg
Proprietary TriENRG™ 300mg
[Kola Nut Extract, Guarana Extract, Yerba Mate]

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