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You’ve probably done a lot of research into supplements to support your workout goals, and you’ve likely noticed that not all of them as created the same. For example, Stryker Hardcore not only contains 50 mg of ephedra, but it also contains thermogenic ingredients to ensure you can maximize your fat burning goals – while ensuring you stay focused on each repetition.

No matter how powerful you are in the gym, there are days when you may not feel you have all the energy you need. Whether you’ve had a long day at work or you’re having troubles keeping your head in the game, Stryker Hardcore can help.

Stryker Hardcore Ingredients.

Green Tea Extract – Not only does Green Tea Extract help to boost your energy levels, but it also can help you achieve your fat burning goals. You’ll be able to boost your metabolic rate, which enables an ongoing caloric burn.

Rauwolscine – Even if you haven’t heard of Rauwolscine before, you will want to remember this ingredient. It can help you manage your cholesterol levels while also enhancing overall weight loss efforts.

Yohimbe Extract – If you’re ready to change the way your body looks, Yohimbe Extract is the ingredient to add to your routine. This extract can increase overall fat burn, allowing your muscles to look more defined.

Stryker Hardcore Benefits

5-HTP – With 5-HTP, you may notice your mood levels are more even, your appetite is manageable, and your body more easily loses weight. When used with a proper diet plan, you’ll be able to look as good as you feel.

With Stryker Hardcore, you will have all the energy you need for your workouts and probably even more. You won’t have to take any other energy supplements to get you through the day, as you’ll notice a steady supply of energy and motivation.

It’s true that Stryker Hardcore will boost your heartrate a bit because of its thermogenic effect. Most of the time, this is a safe thing, but if you have any concerns about your blood pressure or you’re on medications to control it, it’s a good idea to check in with your doctor.

When you’re ready to do more and achieve more than you thought possible, Stryker Hardcore is able to help you reach your goals. It’s the energy booster that can make sure you maximize every moment – in and out of the gym.


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