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Exercise and Weight Loss

“I’m going to start losing weight” “Great, what’s your plan?” “I’m going to the gym again, I will probably do 30 minutes on the elliptical a day”. I have had this very conversation more times than I can count. It’s almost gotten to the point where I can predict the future as I always know …

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Clean house, lose weight?

Imagine coming home to a spotless home that has just been cleaned to the max. No dishes to be washed, no clothes to be washed, and everything put in its proper place. And not only is everything clean, but it is organized in a sensible fashion. Sounds pretty awesome right? Well, according to a recent …

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Make the holidays your Boo!

Look, let’s get one thing out of the way. I am not ready to call Mid-October “The Holiday Season” either. I’m not ready to walk into a Target and be surrounded by songs about Christmas piping through the speakers and Christmas decorations everywhere I look. It’s happening though, whether we are ready or not, and …

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