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HydroxyCut New Strength

Hydroxycut used to contain Ephedra, but is now Ephedra Free. Instead, this powerful weight loss aid has been re-engineered and contains a new combination of highly active ingredients. Unlike other supplements that rely heavily on caffeine and Ephedra, HydroxyCut provides superior benefits with the jittery, unnerving side effects. By importing the most potent extracts from India, China, Southeast Asia, and around the world; HydroxyCut has found just the right combination of herbs, minerals, and chemical interaction to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Whether you want to lose a few pounds to shape up or you are facing a long weight loss journey, HydroxyCut will get you there quickly, safely, and faster than you ever imagined!!

Key Benefits to HydroxyCut New Strength:

·        New Patent Pending Formula

·        Up to 3 times more weight loss the diet and exercise alone

·        Powerful combination reaches the hot weight loss zones

Combination therapy is the key to the potency of HydroxyCut.  No other supplement combines the unique formula of these ingredients to maximize each function for ideal weight loss.  With a powerful appetite suppressant, increased metabolism, lower sugar metabolic rates, and increased fat suppression, anyone can lose weight.

The following are some of the active extracts that make HydroxyCut the best weight loss solution:

Hydroxycitric acid: this agent has been used for years in India for rheumatism and digestive disorders. In 2005, studies confirmed that it also a highly effective appetite suppressant and provides a metabolic boost to help burn fat. It has also been shown to delay sugar absorption an effect that is extremely helpful in weight loss. In clinical trials, sugar was processed up to 10x slower decreasing the amount of insulin required and creating a balance that results in less fat being stored in the body.

Gymnema sylvestre is an extract that has been shown to reduce blood sugar levels. It also reduces triglycerides and cholesterol improving blood pressure and cardiovascular health. This extract has been used in India as a treatment for diabetes for centuries confirming its stunning effect on blood sugar and the metabolism of sugar.

Chromium polynicotinate is a mineral that is beneficial in assisting weight loss, increasing metabolism, and build muscle. It also has anti-aging effects educing glucose serum levels and slowing the aging process. It is believed that most adults are deficient in chromium as it is difficult to intake from food. HydroxyCut has included this valuable mineral in this patented agent.

Green Tea has been widely studied and has many proven benefits. One of the oldest medicines known it is shown to help fight and prevent cancer, reduce cholesterol, prevent cardiovascular disease, reduce infection, and boost the immune system. Green tea increases metabolism and as shown in a study from American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, it is a highly effective weight loss treatment.

HydroxyCut is easy for the body to digest and 100% soluble and is suitable for almost everyone though it is always recommended that you seek a physician’s advice before starting any new supplement therapy.

If you have been battling with your weight loss issues don’t give up…get started with HydroxyCut today!

Staff Notes:  HydroxyCut is made by Muscletech, manufacturers of HydroxyCut Hardcore and Original HydroxyCut.  Compare HydroxyCut New Strength to Ephedra free products like Trimspa and Stacker 2


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