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Lipodrene SR
How committed are you to losing weight? Have you tried diet and exercise programs but nothing seems to work? If you have failed to get results don’t be discouraged. Diets don’t give you enough energy to exercise effectively and often actually slow your metabolism. Lipodrene SR by High Tech Pharmaceuticals combines the most effective weight loss agents from around the world to maximize your weight loss efforts. This unique formula maximizes each of the ingredients not only as individual agents but as a collective formula to burn fat, increase metabolism, maximize energy, boost your immune system, suppress your appetite, and accelerate weight loss.

Key Benefits to Lipodrene SR:

• Unique ephedra free formula
• Thermogenic combination helps burn fat
• Contains Hoodia-Pure to help combat hunger

The following are some of the active agents in Lipodrene SR.
Hoodia Gordonii is a medicinal plant that originates in regions of Southern Africa. For centuries it has been used to treat digestive disorders and to prevent infection. During long hunting trips and other times of food shortage, it has been consumed by locals for its strong appetite suppressant effect. It has also been shown to be useful in helping to lower blood pressure.

ThyroZene is a formulated treatment to support proper thyroid functioning. The thyroid controls metabolic functioning, mood, stamina and energy, and cognitive performance. Regulation of the thyroid will enhance all of these areas and allow you to lose weight faster than you ever thought possible. ThyroZene is 100% natural and won’t harm your system like synthetic drugs. ThyroZene may also be helpful in increasing your endurance and give you more energy to do those work outs that are so important to any health regime.

Green tea extract has been a key medicinal herb in Chine for 1000’s of years. It is a natural and powerful antioxidant can lower the amount triglycerides and improve your cholesterol. Green tea also works to increase the rate of metabolism and increase you body’s natural fat burning process. Research has suggested that merely taking green tea alone can help you burn an additional 60-80 calories per day. Green Tea is also known to have anti-aging effects and can help your skin tighten and adjust as you begin to shed those pounds.

Phenyl ethylamine HCL is a naturally occurring substance in the human body and is that wonderful little substance in chocolate that is a mood elevator. The substance itself has very similar effects as synthesized drug but without the horrible side effects. Phenyl ethylamine works in Lipodrene to increase your metabolism and increase your sense of well being that is so important when you are struggling to lose weight.

Ephedra free Lipodrene SR contains the same thermogenic properties without the health risks associated with Ephedra. Thermogenics increase the body’s temperature thus accelerating the rate which fat is burned allowing you lose weight faster than with any other combination. Unlike they other weight loss products, Lipodrene also includes powerful mood elevators to keep you working toward your goal and the appetite suppressants make it easy to get the body you’ve always dreamed of. If you’re tired of dead end diets and miracle drugs that don’t work, Lipodrene SR is the product for you.

Staff Notes: Lipodrene SR can be used with other High Tech products such as Thyrozene and Hoodia-Pure. Lipodrene-SR as all the great benefits as Original Lipodrene excluding ephedra.


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