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Reap the insane energy boosts that will send your workout into outer space with every serving of GE Pharma PyroBurn! You’ve never experienced natural stimulation like this wide array of natural energy nutrition, including a massive 30 mg of ephedra.

Every serving of PyroBurn from GE Pharma:

  • Increases metabolism
  • Enhances mood and focus
  • Promotes natural energy increases
  • Controls appetite and cravings

It has never been easier to obliterate the extra calories hanging around your stomach. New advances in energy nutrition are being discovered daily, and the ability to increase a person’s metabolism naturally has grown by leaps and bounds. Metabolism refers to the rate at which a body burns extra calories to provide energy for work. Ephedra and other natural stimulants work by increasing a body’s metabolism thermogenically, indicating that calories are burnt to maintain a higher temperature within the body. With a better metabolism in your corner, the fat will drip away like never before with GE Pharma PyroBurn!

This intense workout supplement from GE Pharma contains the highest market concentrations of ephedra seen to date. 30 mg of this incredible herbal extract per serving will boost your metabolism throughout the duration of your normal workout regimen. This performance enhancer doesn’t just load you up on stimulants, however. Large doses of vitamins B6, B12 and chromium picolinate provide the natural energy nutrition that your body needs to recharge after a taxing workout. Outside of the gym, this health supplement also improves your ability to control excess hunger. Organic appetite suppressants, such as citrus aurantium, can be found throughout the ingredient list of this powerful workout aid. It’s not a guarantee – it’s science.

Start making bolder decisions about your health and lifestyle today. Make the bold decision of adding GE Pharma’s PyroBurn to your routine! Buy PyroBurn today!

Staff Notes: GE Pharma PyroBurn is an ephedra supplement also containing citrus aurantium, white willow bark, tramine, yohimbe, caffeine anhydrous, guarana, panax ginseng, green tea extract, garcinia cambogia, kola nut, theobromine and acia. This pre-workout supplement increases thermogenic metabolism, enhances stamina and energy, promotes focus and mental awareness and improves weight loss.


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