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Buying ephedra diet pills can be a daunting task. Especially trying to sort through all of the options and pick the diet pill that is right for you. We have tried to make the process easier by breaking out each product (in the left navigation) into categories based on the milligrams of ephedra in each product. Don't get confused by websites using ephedrine vs ephedra. Technically, ephedrine is found in otc products but many ephedrine manufacturers use it to mean ephedra. Any diet product contains ephedra extract, not ephedrine. Learn more about ephedrine.

Quick Picks: Currently there are three products that we can recommend without hesitation, based on great customer reviews and infrequent returns. The best ephedra diet pills on the market are: (1) Green Stinger, (2) Lipodrene, and (3) Yellow Bullet If you still need help choosing the product that is right for you, just give us a call during our phone hours and we would love to help!

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Ephedra Effects - About Ephedra Sinica ("Ma Huang") - Ephedra Reviews

Ephedra is an alkaloid chemical compound traditionally obtained from the plant Ephedra Sinica, (otherwise known in the Chinese language as Ma Huang). It is a plant based substance used in traditional Chinese medicine for over 5,000 years, often used in the treatment of various respiratory, cold and hay fever related conditions. In more recent times, Ephedra has also been used extensively around the world as a performance-enhancing substance, which is now prohibited in most competitive sports events, as well as for a non-prescription weight loss supplement. Ephedra is known for its thermogenic (fat burning) properties and subsequent positive metabolic increase. In addition, various derivatives of Ephedra have since been synthesized to treat low blood pressure.

The ephedra stacker, also known as the ECA Stack (ephedra, caffeine, aspirin), was the most popular ephedra supplement used within the sports and bodybuilding community.

Ephedra Ban - Diet Pills Lifted and then Reinstated

In response to reported side effects of Ephedra diet pills, the FDA commissioned the Rand Corporation to conduct an extensive meta-analysis of Ephedra's safety and efficacy. This study confirmed that Ephedra promoted weight loss, but also exposed users to potential side effects and health risks such as heart attack, stroke or death. The FDA later proposed a ruling that would limit the sale of Ephedra products containing 8 mg or more of ephedrine alkaloids, as well as require stricter labeling that warns of potential side effects and health risks. In 2004, the FDA sought to ban the sale of Ephedra based supplements. However a lawsuit brought by an Ephedra manufacturer to mitigate this ban was upheld by a Federal District Court judge in 2005, thereby temporarily lifting the ban on ephedra. In August 2006, the FDA appealed the ruling and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit overturned the lower court ruling and upheld the FDA's ban of ephedra. In May 2007, the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear the final appeal, thereby leaving the FDA ban in effect. Note: See the section Is Ephedra Legal below for a full discussion of the current legality of various types of ephedra.

Ephedra Outlet fully supports the FDA's ban on ephedrine alkaloids, as well as advancing the requirement for all manufacturers to provide full disclosure of potential side effects and health risks. In keeping with the foregoing, Ephedra Outlet is taking the formative step of adding appropriate disclosures for consumers to limit daily consumption of products containing Ephedra Viridis, Mormon Tea, and/or Ephedra Extract, and further, only offering such products to qualified adult purchasers who strictly adhere to the terms, conditions, warranties and representations required for use of this Site.

Is Ephedra Legal?

As you may have already guessed, the short answer is Yes (ephedra viridis) and No (ephedra sinica). Note: ephedra sinica is also known as Ma Huang and ephedra viridis is also known as Mormon Tea.

The quick answer: When looking to buy ephedra diet pills, search for products advertising either: (1) Ephedra Viridis, (2) Mormon Tea, or (3) Ephedra Extract. All three of these options refer to ephedra that is not subject to the FDA ban.

The full story: There are many different species of ephedra around the world and it is important to note that the FDA did not ban them all. They actually did not ban the ephedra plant at all. The ephedra ban specifically targeted the active ingredient, ephedrine alkaloids, usually found in ephedra sinica. If you find ephedrine alkaloids or active ephedrine alkaloids on a product label, the product is probably included in the FDA ban. In order to comply with the FDA ban, avoid products advertising either: (1) ephedra sinica, (2) ephedrine alkaloids, or (3) active ephedrine alkaloids.

Special Note: The ephedra ban does not apply to the pharmaceutical industry. They continue to use ephedrine and pseudoephedrine in products like Claritin D TM and Pseudofed TM (both behind the pharmacy counter).

History of Ephedra Weight Loss Products and Ephedra Stacker Supplements

Ephedra species are tall shrubs with many branches. Ephedra plants mostly grow in the desert. There are many different species of ephedra found around the world. The most popular is ephedra sinica or ma huang, found in Asia. The remaining species of ephedra have become extremely popular since the FDA ban on ephedrine alkaloids took effect: ephedra viridis, ephedra nevadensis, ephedra gerardiana, ephedra distacha (European ephedra), and ephedra americana.

Over 5000 years ago ephedra (under the name Ma huang) was used in Chinese medicine to treat several disorders. Amongst others, asthma and bronchitis were treated with ephedra. Ephedra comes from a plant that has a few powerful active compounds, of which ephedrine is the most useful. More information on the chemical connections in the extraction of the active substances follows.

Over the last few years ephedra has gained much more attention for its side-effects: an increased metabolism, plus the thermeogenic and fat burning qualities that come along with that. This gives the body stimulation and provides energy. These qualities made ephedra a popular weight-loss supplement and sports supplement.

China has used ephedra sinica for medicinal purposes since approximately 2800 B.C. Ma Huang, the stem and branch, and Ma Huanggen, the root and rhizome were used to treat different ailments. Ma Huang was often used in the treatment of various respiratory, cold and hay fever related conditions, as well as arthritis. Ma Huanggen was primarily only prescribed to alleviate night sweats. In 1923, the western world took interest in ephedra once the ephedrine alkaloids were able to be isolated. Since 1927, both ephedrine and pseudoephedrine have been in continual use as OTC decongestants and allergy treatments.

*Information presented at is for educational purposes only; statements about products and health conditions have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration.

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