• Green Stinger

    “It delivers great energy without any jitters or crash.”
  • Stimamine Black

    “Awesome supplement. It curves your appetite and gives you loads of energy.”
  • Lipodrene

    “It gave me that extra boost of energy I needed and helped control my appetite greatly... I love it!!!”



  1. Jason

    Product with Ephedra gives a good boost of energy. Used to buy Stimulant-X when it had Ephedra and these remind me of those -almost!

  2. Christina

    This stuff is great! I have lost 10 lbs & my abs are tighter! It makes me feel more energized. It is definately worth the money, one of the less expensive ephedra products out there!!! And I would definately recommend it to everyone!

  3. Sandra

    The product gave me more energy and was more alert. My main goal was to lose weight and not be tired when working out and it accomplished my goal. The product was worth the money and I would recommend it to others

  4. Sam

    This product gave great energy and really wakes you up without too much jitters or nausea or headaches like some supplements give, Stimerex has really given me the extra energy for excercise and it’s the best energizer I have used and will certainly be ordering more. A lot cheaper here then on other sites and very prompt customer support is a winning combination.

  5. steve

    great yes yes yes

  6. Joy

    Before tryin Stimerex ES 25 had lost all my self confidence, i have been since 15 yrs old, I am 35 now… this pill helpd me eneergize my workouts, curve my cravings, and without the jitters way after my workouts are over… I have lost 31 lbs since since February 2010, with eating a proper diet and excerising 4 times, I have finally acheive my confidence level… thank you.

  7. Eileen

    The original use for ephedra was as a respiratory aid..It raises my pulse oximeter from a low of 89 to a normal range of 95-99.this works better for me than drugs without any bad side effects..I have a medical codition so results for normal metaolism may differ .it is also a help in iweight loss.

  8. Angela

    This is a good product, however I do not take it daily, because I feel it is very strong, and sometimes makes me nervous.

  9. Shannon

    I have been using products from this site for a few years-and Stimerex ES is one of the best products I have used. I use it to increase my stamina and get an energy boost. I am a marathon runner and I use this product while training and have had excellent results. I believe this product gives me that little extra edge I need when doing a long run and also helps keep cravings at bay. I have tried MANY other products and I truly believe Stimerex ES is the most powerful fat loss & energy boost formula I have tried in the loast 8 years. This product is ABSOLUTELY worth the money and can help you achieve your goal whether it is weight loss or stamina or if you just need an energy boost- As an athlete who is always training I would recommend stimerex es to anyone who is looking for that little extra boost!!

  10. Tiffany

    Love this.. Highly recommend to people need help loosing weight

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