• Stimamine Black

    $59BUY NOW
    “Awesome supplement. It curves your appetite and gives you loads of energy.”
  • Green Stinger

    $49BUY NOW
    “It delivers great energy without any jitters or crash.”
  • Lipodrene

    $39BUY NOW
    “It gave me that extra boost of energy I needed and helped control my appetite greatly... I love it!!!”



  1. Elyse

    This product not nearly as good as Green Stinger, which is excellent!

  2. Ron

    Good product for the price.

  3. Larry

    It was ok for the money, I was looking for more pep, but it did do the job for cravings.


    very good quick shipping,my apetite reduced rapidly

  5. Paul

    great product. potent e/c/a stack and like the added kick of yohimbe. regularly use my own e/c/a since ban. finally found a quality prepackaged product. as a fighter made my 8 week cut cycle goal 9 days earlier than expected with good strength and stamina. fight ended in tko 2:52 round 2.

  6. Kristy

    The product worked very well, it made me feel energized for my fitness training. I have terrible allergies it actually helped control and prevented a stuffy nose with just one capsul daily. The product was well worth the $ . I recommend this product it works well.

  7. Lars-Uno

    Red Volt is a product that relly takes you on a ride. It is amazing in about 4-5 ouers. I workout about 1 ouer after that i take Red Volt and its good for me. Try it!

  8. Stephanie

    did not work, do not beleive it is same ephedra as original eca stacks.. mostly caffine energy. not suprised, real deal ephedra…MIA!

  9. VICKI

    This product is working very well for me in the energy boost, I have only been taking for a week so not too sure on the weight loss as of yet. It makes me feel more energenic & very relaxed at same time (no shakes or jitters). My main goal is weight loss and energy boost, so far so good. Yes the product was well worth the money as you only have to take one pill per day as opposed to the other product I was taking which required 4 a day. And this was the same price per bottle. Yes I do for sure recommend this product for energy boost without the shakes or speed” feeling.”

  10. jayson

    i have been using red volt to shed inches off my waist and for a pick me up. it has worked well. no crazy jacked feeling yet a good steady energy boost through out the day. i would and have recommended this product to friends and family. i like it better than the green stingers, actually

  11. Richard

    This is okay… but nothing like the ephedra back in the day. I took more than one once and instantly regretted it.. I felt sick and nauseous – I think it was all that caffine. Still looking for my perfect ephedra product sadly…

  12. michael

    it was ok took a while to feel

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