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Specific species of ephedra contain an alkaloid chemical compound. Traditionally obtained from the plant Ephedra Sinica, (otherwise known in the Chinese language as Ma Huang). It is a plant based substance used in traditional Chinese medicine for over 5,000 years, often used in the treatment of various respiratory, cold and hay fever related conditions.
In more recent times, Ephedra has also been utilized extensively around the world as a performance-enhancing substance, which is now prohibited in most competitive sports events, as well as for a non-prescription weight loss supplement.
In addition, various derivatives of Ephedra have since been synthesized to treat low blood pressure.

In response to reported side effects of Ephedra, the FDA commissioned the Rand Corporation to conduct an extensive meta-analysis of Ephedra’s safety and efficacy. This study confirmed that Ephedra promoted weight loss, but also exposed users to potential side effects and health risks such as heart attack, stroke or death. The FDA later proposed a ruling that would limit the sale of Ephedra products containing 8 mg or more of ephedrine alkaloids, as well as require stricter labeling that warns of potential side effects and health risks. In 2004, the FDA sought to ban the sale of Ephedra based supplements, though a lawsuit brought by an Ephedra manufacturer to mitigate this ban was upheld by a Federal District Court judge in 2005, pending further actions of the Court.

Ephedra Outlet fully supports the FDA’s position on the sale of Ephedra products being limited to low-doses of ephedrine alkaloids, as well as advancing the requirement for all manufacturers to provide full disclosure of potential side effects and health risks. In keeping with the foregoing, Ephedra Outlet is taking the formative step of adding appropriate disclosures for consumers to limit daily consumption of products containing Ephedra, and further only offering such products to qualified adult purchasers who strictly adhere to the terms, conditions, warranties and representations required for use of this Site.

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Search “diet pills” on the Internet and you will find all kinds of fascinating things. You will find “2012’s best diet pills” and “the only diet pill” that works and all kinds of other marketing nonsense. Because it’s the Internet, and you can write anything you want on the Internet. But diet pills aren’t magical and you won’t lose 57 pounds in three weeks taking them.
If used correctly and smartly, they can aid in weight loss, but that takes a commitment. If you get bored easily, skip to the bottom and find out how we can make diet pills work for you, otherwise keep reading to get the straight scoop on diet pills and learn why the FDA makes you fat.

For a while there was a diet pill that worked almost like a magic pill, or at least seemed to. Original ephedra products in the 90’s and early 2000’s were very powerful. It was one of the only diet pupplements we have seen that you could take and shed weight fast. An important thing to remember though is that even a product as effective as original ephedra is still a temporary solution. You can’t expect to take it for the rest of your life. Most people say that they will only take it to get down to their ideal weight and then stop. You know what happens next… they balloon right back up to their starting weight (or higher) and the diet pill cycle starts again. The truth is – it takes a smart strategy to lose weight with diet pills, to avoid that diabolical cycle of fat to healthy to fat to healthy and finally break free of it.

Unfortunately for everyone that loved the original ephedra, the FDA decided to ban it. We can discuss this decision and the reasons behind it for days if not weeks, but what’s done is done. Even though numerous studies showed that ephedra was only harmful if used incorrectly or when used by people with preexisting conditions, the FDA and eventually the U.S. courts system ruled ephedra alkaloids illegal for sale and manufacture.


Conveniently, a couple years after ephedra was finally banned for good, Alli, the first FDA approved over the counter diet pill, was released by GlaxoSmithKline a major pharmaceutical company. And it is no surprise that the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America are one of the Top 25 most powerful lobby groups in America, according to Fortune Magazine. Pharmaceutical companies have the funds and the power to influence.

Alli is the epitome of all that is wrong with the FDA. First, taking Alli forces you to go on a low calorie, low FAT diet! Fat does NOT make you fat. This is one of the most important things anyone that wants to lose weight needs to learn.

Here is an excerpt from an article about fat myths by Mark Hyman that explains more:

Dietary fat is not a major determinant of body fat. The Women’s Health Initiative, which is the largest clinical trial of diet and body weight, found that 50,000 women on low-fat diets had no significant weight loss.

No significant weight loss on a low fat diet. Remember that – it’s important. But the FDA wants you to go on a very low fat diet and if you fail, you will pay the price via unwanted bodily functions which is why they recommend taking an extra pair of pants anywhere you go while taking Alli. Also, Alli has been linked to liver disease, but not “conclusively”. Additionally, Alli only boosts the weight loss you would have already achieved with a healthy diet and exercise by an additional 3 to 5 pounds a year, according to a doctor at the Mayo Clinic.

Alli works by blocking a certain amount of fat that you intake (it is called a fat blocker). It’s a rather ridiculous premise, because it is really just a calorie restriction plan that makes your life very, very uncomfortable if you intake too much fat. That is right, taking Alli + eating too much fat = poop in your pants. Google “Alli accidents” for some disgusting stories if that’s your thing.

  1. The FDA made us fat in the first place. Remember the food pyramid? It is some of the worst diet advice ever given. The placement of complex carbohydrates on the bottom of the pyramid is unbelievably wrong and what’s even worse is that this pyramid has been taught in elementary schools for 15+ years. Even when you look at the current nutritional page on the FDA website you will see that there is still no mention of excess carbohydrates or sugars causing weight gain. They are stuck on dietary fat, regardless of the facts.
  2. The FDA still follows the old guideline of 300+ grams of carbs per day and acts like fat is to be avoided at all costs. Fat doesn’t make you fat! Especially in moderation. We should be way more worried about carb intake and source.

  3. The FDA just got done banning a super effective weight loss supplement (ephedra alkaloids) when Alli was released. Why not find a å to regulate ephedra? As we discussed earlier, å companies have a lot of influence, especially when herbal supplements are cutting into their prescription drug sales, which was the case with orlistat (the prescription version of Alli).
  4. So now we have established that we should never listen to the FDA regarding diet pills or eating, right? If not, we apologize for failing you. Never listen to the FDA!


Diet pills suck, on their own! How many websites that sell diet pills would be willing to say that? But it’s true! You can’t expect to keep eating tons of pizza with extra cheese and stay firmly planted on the couch, take a few pills a day and drop 57 lbs in 3 weeks. It just isn’t realistic. We want to truly help our customers, which is the reason we share so much real information. We .. want .. you .. to .. SUCCEED.

As you will see in the next section, diet pills have their place in a successful plan. Our most successful customers often use them to increase their energy before and during their workout, to reduce their appetite between meals, to break through a weight loss plateau, or even to jumpstart their weightloss program from the start.

Here are some diet and exercise guidelines that our most successful customers and team members have shared:

  1. Exercise a half hour a day. If you need to lose 50 lbs, this will make a huge difference in your life. If you only need to lose 10 lbs, bump it up to an hour a day.
  2. Eat healthy. Harder than it sounds I know. But it can be done. Aim for the 90/10 rule. Eat healthy 90% of the time. Avoid breads and other similar carbs if you can. They aren’t necessarily evil, but it makes things so much easier.
    And if you are craving some carbs, eat them within 30 minutes of an intense workout. Eat all the vegetables you want. Checkout the Paleo Solution and other eating plans that focus on removing processed foods, especially carbs and sugars.
  3. Learn how to use diet pills to accelerate your progress and help you reach your weight loss goals.

Now we can finally talk about the correct use of diet pills. If you are eating healthy and doing a bit of exercise, diet pills can push you through plateaus, reduce your cravings and give you boosts of energy to get you through the first couple weeks of a lower calorie or low sugar diet.

Naysayers still say, but wait – your diet pills don’t have the original ephedra (ephedra alkaloids).

Nope, they don’t. And neither do anyone else’s. It’s illegal. Banned. Gone forever. What our diet pills have is ephedra extract and caffeine, along with some other awesome ingredients such as green tea and citrus aurantium.

Everyone knows what ephedra does, it’s a thermogenic designed to increase your metabolic rate. But let’s pretend for a second that you don’t believe the legal ephedra extract works. Our diet pills will still help you! Why? Because they contain caffeine, green tea, hoodia, white willow, and yohimbine, which are all excellent ingredients designed to boost both weight loss and energy. Remember, they don’t do it on their own, they increase your likelihood of losing weight while you are eating healthy and getting a bit of exercise.

We can argue all day long on the effects of certain ingredients on weight loss. Does caffeine really help you lose weight? We say yes, so do others, while some say no. Spend 15 minutes researching scientific studies on the effects of caffeine on weight loss and your head will be spinning. Some experts will be vehemently against caffeine as a weight loss agent, while others will point to studies that show a direct correlation to caffeine on both weight loss and athletic performance. For example according to this Men’s Health Article:

A study conducted by the Canadian government found that soldiers who consumed caffeine in the 12 hours prior to a physical-fitness test not only were able to work out longer before becoming exhausted, but also consumed more oxygen while working out. The body’s oxygen requirements are directly related to the speed of-guess what-your metabolism, so the more oxygen you use, the more calories you burn during your workout.

That sounds awesome. And here is another formal 6 month ephedra study that found:

Herbal ephedra/caffeine (90/192 mg/day) promoted body weight and body fat reduction and improved blood lipids without significant adverse events.

But for every positive study or article you can find at least one negative piece of literature. There is a much easier way to find out who is right. Just try it for yourself. Give yourself 60 days of following these guidelines and then you can be the success story

Ephedra, caffeine, green tea and all other ingredients react differently in each person and therefore each person has different results. Why do you think products such as Green Stinger can have five amazing customer reviews followed by two very negative reviews? The five positive reviewers weren’t liars, and neither were the two negative reviewers. They just had different experiences. At the end of the day, it’s going to come down to how well your body reacts to certain ingredients and products.

If you want the shortcut to find out what works best for most people, check out our Top 3 diet pills. And don’t worry about picking the exact right one. We are here to help you figure out what really works FOR YOU. So, we have an awesome Return Policy so you can try products until you find the one that works best for you. And if you are someone who needs to do more research just keep learning about it and we will help you when you are ready.


Wow. That was a lot of words. Let’s see if we can sum it up in three short sentences:

  1. Don’t listen to the FDA regarding anything health or nutrition.
  2. Eat healthy and exercise 30 minutes a day (an hour or two if you are a bad ass).
  3. Supplement with a diet pill for absolute maximum weight loss.

There you go, three short sentences, and you can break the fit – fat cycle forever.

Ashlie Bales is a regular contributor to Ephedra Outlet. She might be a little to addicted to wine but doesn’t care. She spends her time either dreaming of traveling or actually traveling and wants to see all seven wonders of the world. She also follows a 90% Paleo diet and enjoys trying new recipes. Follow her on Google+

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