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The Skinny on Lipodrene
The Skinny on Lipodrene

I will always remember the first time I heard about Lipodrene. "I can eat two pizzas a day and still lose weight" were the words spoken in a very excited voice by my next door neighbor. Being a person that very much likes pizza (and milkshakes, cookies, Starburst, etc) my curiosity was naturally piqued. Okay, it was more than piqued, for a brief moment I considered pulling an old fashioned heist to get my hands on some of this magic pill named Lipodrene.

Lipodrene exploded in popularity in the 90's and early 00's. The original Lipodrene formula with ephedra alkaloids made a big splash in the diet industry. It was POWERFUL, maybe too powerful. I vividly remember taking Lipodrene for the first time and sitting back down at my desk feeling like the world had gone mad. I was shaking, sweating, and couldn't concentrate for longer than 3 seconds. It was a crazy experience. Even crazier was the person next to me usually took 2 a day!

Lipodrene has been a staple in the ephedra weight loss industry for decades now. Unfortunately, things are changing...

LIPODRENE is no longer LEGAL!

Lipodrene is no longer available due to it containing DMAA, which the FDA has deemed unsafe. The jury is still out (pun intended) as Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals (the maker of Lipodrene) is challenging the FDA's right to ban DMAA in court. Hi-tech has filed a lawsuit against the FDA for improperly banning and seizing supplements containing DMAA. They contend that the FDA has not met the established requirements to ban an ingredient and therefore has no right to ban or seize DMAA. Furthermore, they claim that DMAA is perfectly safe and pointed out that GNC sold 440 million doses with only a single adverse effect report. The FDA, on the other hand, thinks that DMAA is unsafe and it has been linked to 100 illnesses and six deaths.

The FDA seized products they deemed unsafe or illegal. All products containing DMAA were seized, including Lipodrene.

Look, our official position is we will let the supplement company fight the government (hint everyone loses) while we push forward in achieving our goals and helping you achieve yours. Our goal is to help you lose weight in a healthy manner and find a supplement that provides you with long lasting energy.


This is your chance to move up to the KING:

There always seems to be a silver lining. In this case, it's Green Stinger - Our #1 Best Seller and top rated product for 3 Years in Row!

Green Stinger Diet Pills

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Lipodrene was great at both weight loss and energy, but to be honest Green Stinger is better. It has been both our highest rated and best selling product for 3 years now, and the results speak for themselves. Check out what several recent customers had to say:

"Works great, energy boost with minimal jitters. That's what I was looking for and this delivers. Worth the money, Highly recommended."

- David B.

Look at the benefits Green Stinger is providing! Energy and appetite suppressant and along with it a boost in weight loss. Guess what happens when you have more energy and you arenít hungry all the time? You lose weight! The mixture of caffeine and ephedra is great for working out and allows you to do some awesome things in the weight room, on the treadmill, or in the sport of your choice. And when you can work out longer and harder than ever before, you are going to lose more weight than ever before! I think you might be getting the picture on why Green Stinger is so awesome.

We know that ultimately you just want to meet your fitness goals!

We know that ultimately you just want to
meet your fitness goals!

We know you are lot less concerned with which product gets you there! Our goal is to help you reach your ultimate fitness goals - FAST!

That's why it's time to move up to the KING!

27mg of Ephedra Extract

Ephedra is by far the #1 weight loss ingredient - period! It's popular because it works and doesn't have fillers and binders.

Bitter Orange

Works on increasing your metabolic rate, which helps your ability to burn calories without any increase in your heart rate or blood pressure. Its goal is to stimulate those lazy thyroids out there, to get into high-gear.


It helps support an overall feeling of well-being. Without this ingredient, we tend to get really cranky and short tempered when taking diet pills, especially if you are also experimenting with an extreme diet.

Green Tea Extract

Green Tea Extract is an anti-oxidant that helps process free radicals. Many people don't realize that the more calories you burn, the more free radicals your body creates. Many diseases today originate from years and years of free radicals accumulating in the body.

220mg Caffeine

Caffeine is known to have a synergistic effect with ephedra in creating serious fat burning effects. It also gives you that extra boost to help you get through your hard core workouts or maybe even just that "after lunch-slump" at your desk.

Green Stinger is the KING for a reason

Compared to Lipodrene it has all the same core ingredients and MORE, with 27mg of ephedra vs. 25mg in Lipodrene, plus a major bump in caffeine. It has 200mg vs. 100mg in Lipodrene. Plus you get all the amazing high-end ingredients, like Phenylethylamine, Bitter Orange and the amazing Green Tea Extract. For this reason, we recommend trying just one per day at first. And if the Green Stinger is still too strong, you can cut the pills in half (using a pill cutter found at any Walgreens or CVS) to dial in the perfect amount for your body and weight loss goals.

It's time to move up to the KING.

With 27 milligrams of ephedra it will get your butt out of bed, boost your metabolism through the roof, decrease your appetite, and shred the fat! If it's time to push through the dreaded "weight loss plateau", Green Stinger is your answer. Get yours now!

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  • Appetite Suppression
  • Weight Loss
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